SUSTAINABLE BRANDS: 6 Chinese Rayon Producers Join Effort to End Use of Ancient Forest Fiber in Fabrics

March 8, 2016. Originally published in Sustainable Brands.

Today, Canadian environmental NGO Canopy welcomes six large Chinese viscose producers to the growing roster of fashion and textile leaders committed to eliminating the world’s ancient and endangered forests from their fabrics. While to date 60 brands and designers, representing more than 85 billion USD in annual revenues, have signed on to the CanopyStyle campaign — triggering the need for deep shifts within the viscose supply chain — the real change will come from producers, who must provide the industry with alternatives.

Shandong Yamei Sci-tech Co. Ltd, Tangshan Sanyou Xingda Chemical Fiber Group Co. Ltd., CHTC Helon Co. Ltd., Nanjing Chemical Fiber Co. Ltd. (NCFC), Zhejiang Fulida Co. Ltd., and Xinxiang Chemical Fiber Co. Ltd. are all unveiling their first Pulp Procurement Policies for Protecting Forests, developed in collaboration with Canopy. The policies commit to eliminating sourcing from threatened forest ecosystems, high-carbon rainforests, and socially controversial sources in the production of their viscose and rayon textiles.

“Leading brands and designers continue to send a clear market signal to the world’s main viscose manufacturers in China,” said Nicole Rycroft, Canopy’s founder and Executive Director. “The leadership of these six producers now means that viscose manufacturers representing close to 65 percent of global rayon production are committed to the CanopyStyle campaign — which has established the now global trend that endangered forest fabrics are out of vogue.”

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