Stella McCartney joins Canopy’s Fashion Loved by Forest Initiative

Renowned Fashion Designer Commits to Eliminate Use of Endangered Forest Fibre from Clothing Collection

April 28, 2014 — In an exciting development, luxury fashion brand Stella McCartney is announcing their support for Canopy’s campaign to protect the world’s ancient and endangered forests.

Who: Stella McCartney and environmental not-for-profit Canopy.

What: Stella McCartney joins Canopy’s Fashion Loved by Forest initiative vows to eliminate endangered forest fibre from entire clothing collection within three years.

When: Effective April 2014 with all endangered forest fiber eliminated by 2017

Where: Stella McCartney, London United Kingdom. Canopy, Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Endangered forests globally.

Why: 70-100 million trees are cut down every year to make cellulose fabrics such as rayon and modal. One-third of those trees are from the world’s ancient and endangered forests including the high carbon rain forests of Indonesia, Canada’s boreal forests and the globally rare rainforests of western North America.

Stella McCartney and other visionary fashion leaders are supporting Canopy’s Fashion Loved by Forest initiative and committing to eliminate all endangered forest fibre from their clothing. The brands will trace their supply chains, increase transparency, eliminate fabric sources that contain endangered forest fibre and advance the conservation of priority threatened forest regions. Clothing brands will transition to wood fibre from FSC-certified plantations as well as support the development and production of sustainable solutions including fabrics made from recycled material and agricultural residues such as straw.

“We are absolutely delighted Stella McCartney has decided to bring their considerable cachet and reputation for strong social responsibility to Canopy’s efforts to protect the world’s forests, species and climate,” said Nicole Rycroft, Canopy Executive Director. “The Fashion Loved by Forest initiative is gaining incredible momentum and we are excited to work closely with Stella McCartney and other brands on implementation efforts that will have a real impact in the world’s threatened forests and forest dependent communities.”

For more information contact: Catherine Stewart, Canopy Communications Strategist.

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