Solutions At Hand

Canopy is working:

  • With our corporate partners to support local production of recycled papers by prioritizing these papers in their purchasing decisions. This is particularly important with large volume paper consumers such as commercial printers, office product retailers and newspapers.
  • With our corporate partners to develop closed loop recycled paper agreements with their paper suppliers where their “blue bin” paper is collected and sent directly back to be recycled by the same manufacturer that supplied it. It’s efficient and economically beneficial. For the brand it enables earned revenue from a “waste stream” as well as continued availability of quality, recycled papers. For the paper producer, it ensures a stable supply of clean fibre at a set price.
  • With our corporate partners and their industry associations to engage their paper suppliers on targets and timelines to significantly increase the volume of recycling and recycled fibre use in paper products.
  • With pulp and paper producers to formalize their commitment to maximize a cleaner flow of fibre and increase their production of recycled paper products to supply domestic markets.

Browse through our Ecopaper database to find the most sustainable paper available on the market today. Our database is updated annually.

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