Alternative fibres for clothing

Canopy’s search for solutions that benefit the planet’s endangered forests, species and climate can take us on journeys to some surprising places. Places as diverse as the runways of Paris, Shanghai and New York, the studios of world-famous fashion designers, and the wheat fields of Kansas.

Tackling the clothing industry’s impact on ancient forests is a challenge we, and our brand partners, are excited to embrace. The potential for positive change is enormous and inspiring.

The brands that are partnering with us in the CanopyStyle initiative are committing to end the use of fibre from Ancient and Endangered Forests in the manufacture of Man Made Cellulosic Fibres (e.g. viscose/rayon/lyocell). This is a tremendous step forward towards reducing fashion’s impact on threatened forest ecosystems such as the Boreal, Indonesia’s tropical rainforests and the coastal temperate rainforests of western North America.

But how to replace this raw resource? Part of the answer lies in drawing upon the massive untapped fibre resources such as used clothing, agricultural residues and other non-wood options. Find Solutions Providers here.