Canopy actively fosters innovation in supply chains and supports both the innovators and purchasing companies to bring eco-solutions to market.

Policy Development

Be one of Canopy's 750 sustainability policy holders and find out what you need to do to comply with our requirements.

Straw Pulp and Paper

Paper products can be made from straw leftover after the grain harvest once soil and animal needs are met. Here's how.

Alternative Fibers for Clothing

Canopy is partnering with brands to support the development of alternative fibers for clothes.

Recycled Pulp and Paper

Recycling is a key tool in the sustainability tool box. How can we maximize recycled content to help protect ancient forests?

Forest Product Certification

How can brands ensure that their forest product purchases are ethically and ecologically responsible?

Ancient Forest Friendly

Canopy’s Ancient Forest Friendly™ designation guarantees the highest eco-standard for paper.

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