Quotes from the Brands of the Earth Day 2024 Announcement

Quotes from the companies in the 2024 Earth Day media release

2WO + 1NE + 2
“Forests are the destination of our longing, where we find life’s purest beauty. Let’s protect that beauty with everything we’ve got!”

“BlockTexx wholeheartedly supports Canopy’s current and future initiatives to protect the world’s Ancient and Endangered Forests. It’s critical our planets ‘lungs’ are preserved for the security of life for mankind and the animal kingdom. We call on all companies and individuals to not use or support the use of products that directly or indirectly affect the world’s forests.” — Graham Ross, Co-founder BlockTexx 

“Packaging is crucial to our business. We have been proud partner of Canopy’s environmental movement and by joining Pack4Good we are taking a stand against sourcing wood-based materials from Ancient and Endangered Forests.”‌ — ‌Minette Bellingan, Chief Operating Officer, C&A

City Threads
“As our online and direct-to-consumer business is growing, we’re so excited to partner with Canopy to find the most innovative NextGen materials and packaging options to help us reduce our impact and invest in even more sustainably-minded options.” ‌ ‌ — Joe Willis and Shayna Samuels, Co-Founders of City Threads 

“At Genera, we are wholly committed to developing products from regenerative grasses.  We are here to help brands implement sustainable, responsibly sourced packaging and our truly sustainable fiber packaging aligns perfectly with the Canopy mission. We are very excited to join Canopy and like-minded brands on the Pack4Good initiative.“ — Ben Mascarello, CEO, Genera 

House of Hackney
“Forests are the lungs of the Earth, and we believe it is our responsibility to protect and preserve them. With wood-fibre our most used material, we want to do everything we can to limit our burden on the planet and its precious resources. We have long admired Canopy for the great work they do in protecting the natural world, and we are proud to make this commitment with them.”

John Lewis
“I’m excited that John Lewis is building on our existing work with Canopy, by now also supporting the Pack4Good initiative. We’re committed to protecting and restoring nature, and we constantly strive to reduce and improve our packaging. Signing up to the Pack4Good initiative is a truly positive step forward on our journey to ensuring all our paper-based packaging is from a more sustainable source.” — Marija Rompani, Director of Sustainability & Ethics at the John Lewis Partnership

“Kering is pleased to be expanding our partnership with Canopy by joining the Pack4Good initiative. Avoiding sourcing from vital ecosystems is an important part of our company-wide biodiversity strategy, so collaborating with Canopy to ensure our paper packaging does not impact forests, and working to find low-impact alternatives, will help us reach our ambitious targets.” —Rachel Kolbe Semhoun, Head of Sustainable Sourcing and Nature Initiatives at Kering.

Nordic Bioproducts
“Nordic Bioproducts Group proudly stands alongside Canopy in our shared commitment to environmental preservation. Through the implementation of technology specifically designed to process recycled textiles, agricultural residues, and other cellulose-based by-products, we are actively working towards a sustainable future.  By prioritizing these alternative sources, we contribute to the protection of Ancient and Endangered Forests globally, reinforcing our dedication to responsible environmental practices.” 

“PANGAIA was founded with a commitment to an Earth Positive business model, so partnering with Canopy to ensure our full supply chain — from boxes to t-shirts — is free of vital forests is an important next step,” said Maria Srivastava, Chief Impact Officer from Pangaia. “We look forward to increasing our innovative materials work through implementing more Next Gen feedstocks, and we know that Canopy’s guidance and thought leadership will help us forward our mission to create products that fuse science, purpose, with a deep respect for the planet and its people.”

“We need to find solutions to ensure biodiversity. We are delighted that we get to partner with Canopy to provide you with our regenerative food packaging solutions.” — Ved Krishna, Pakka Group CEO 

“In alliance with Canopy, Ponda embarks on a pioneering partnership, leading the charge in sustainable textiles sourced from regenerative fibres. Our pledge transcends commerce, embracing environmental stewardship, ethical practices, and the preservation of global ecosystems, including Ancient and Endangered Forests. Together, we set the standard, igniting awareness and fostering action to weave regeneration in our tomorrow.”

“Our commitment to fighting against climate change and for preserving biodiversity and natural ecosystems has been formalized through VoltAIRe, our global sustainability program. At Zadig&Voltaire, we particularly believe in the power of collective commitment and are convinced of the importance of working with partners such as Canopy to go further on these challenges. For us, participating in the Canopy Style and Pack4Good programs is an important step in accelerating the work we have already undertaken to continually improve the environmental performance of our collections, packaging and supply chains.” — Helene Jessua , Global Sustainability Director

“Ten years of diving deep into every corner of Greece, finding those amazing craftspeople and artisans – the real heroes who make our brand shine. It’s like we’ve hit the peak of a mountain we’ve been climbing since day one.”