Quotes from the brands: CanopyStyle October 25 Announcement

BAM Clothing

“As a business that prioritises using nature-based materials in our packaging and our clothing, it is our responsibility to ensure we are doing everything in our power to protect nature.” Says Merryn Chilcott, Sustainability and Technical Manager. “Conserving natural resources by creating circular products and promoting the protection and regeneration of ecosystems through our sourcing of lower impact materials are important parts of BAM’s Impact Positive strategy, and this aligns perfectly with the aims of the CanopyStyle initiative.”


“BN3TH is partnering with Canopy to be certain that all our cellulosic fabrics are not coming at the expense of ancient and endangered forests, nor impacting the animals that live in them,” said Juliet Korver, VP of Product and Merchandising. “This aligns with our brand values as we strive to know where all our fabrics and fibers are coming from. The Canopy certification ensures that all of our cellulosic fiber sources are 100% sustainable.”

“We are excited to be part of a community who cares about the planet and BN3TH is now positioned alongside nearly 500 other conscious brands,” Korver said. “Together we are leading the fashion industry to a supply chain revolution which also advances forest conservation, climate action and positively changes our world for future generations.”


“At Everlane we understand that protecting our ancient and endangered forests is critical to mitigating climate change and protecting global biodiversity. We are committed on both fronts, and are so excited to officially join the CanopyStyle and Pack4Good initiatives, which align so well with our mission and goals.”— Katina Boutis, Director of Sustainability

Grain de Malice

“We at Grain de Malice are proud to join CanopyStyle and Pack4Good. We are already actively working to better source our raw materials and our partnership with Canopy will allow us to improve our sourcing and make our practices more and more responsible.”

John Lewis & Partners

“John Lewis & Partners is honoured to be part of the CanopyStyle 500, and to be joining an initiative that has had such a tremendous impact in a short period of time,” said Marija Rompani, Director of Ethics & Sustainability. “We recently launched the John Lewis Partnership’s Plan for Nature which highlights our commitment to protect and restore nature. Initiatives such as this showcase our dedication to conserving forests for our planet’s climate and biodiversity. CanopyStyle is a brilliant addition to our sustainability work, and we look forward to our collaboration.”


“As part of our commitment to responsible materials sourcing, we are committed to the protection of the world’s forests through our approach to the procurement of pulp, paper, packaging and fabrics. 
Every year around 3 billion trees are cut down in order to satisfy demand for paper packaging, and L’Estrange is working with Canopy to collaborate with packaging suppliers who are developing solutions that reduce environmental and social impacts. As a start, we have switched all our shipping boxes over to a mix of recycled card and FSC certified materials, and eliminated paper shopping bags from our stores.   
In our fabrics, we use a small amount of product that contains wood based materials, and in these we only purchase from suppliers who source their wood responsibly and process their products in a closed loop system.” — Mark Dodds 


“Nique recognises the contradiction between the current fashion industry, including some of our own brand practices, and the concept of sustainability. However, we are committed to continuing our responsibility journey to create innovative fashion that isn’t wasteful and doesn’t negatively impact people or our planet. This is why we decided to join Canopy in their work to protect the world’s forests and make a commitment to ensuring our paper, packaging and viscose textiles are not linked to Ancient and Endangered Forests. We are so excited to work with Canopy, our suppliers and innovators worldwide to make these positive steps in our responsibility journey.”

Rachel Comey

“We are proud to partner with Canopy on their mission to protect the world’s ancient and endangered forests.  As we assess our company’s environmental and social impact, organizations like Canopy are instrumental in helping guide us so that we can implement and maintain responsible sourcing of materials and packaging.  We are excited to continue on this path together.”
— Rachel Comey