Quotes from new CanopyStyle brands: September 21, 2021

Quotes from September 15 CanopyStyle companies:

BastCore is proud to partner with Canopy on its quest to solve deforestation and improve sustainable sourcing practices. Our hemp fiber and wood products have a lower environmental footprint than that of traditional industries. We are excited to be recognized as a Next Generation Solutions provider and to contribute to global forest conservation.” – Austin Bryant, Managing Director, BastCore

Chaser is excited to partner with Canopy in its commitment to preserving and restoring ancient and endangered forests. We have been actively pivoting to more sustainable packaging options and raw materials and look forward to learning best practices on how we can continue to improve as a responsible brand.”

The Etam Group is committed to making decisions that show respect for our planet. That’s why we are pleased to be collaborating with Canopy to ensure the sustainability of our forest-derived products, from the viscose used in our products to the paper and cardboard in our packaging. We know that forests are integral to keeping our planet’s climate stable, and to the millions of species and people who live in them, and we are eager to do our part to help protect them.” – Kachen Hong, The Etam Group CSR Director

The Hurd Co is thrilled to be joining the amazing community of CanopyStyle companies that are proactively working to protect our forests. Reducing trees in the apparel supply chain has been our priority since day one, and we are proud to make an official commitment with CanopyStyle.”

“At HUGO BOSS, we are committed to sustainability, and understand that forests have a vital role to play in stabilizing our climate and keeping our planet livable. Canopy has made exciting progress on addressing key sourcing risks in the viscose and packaging supply chains. Hugo Boss is delighted to add our voice and influence to the collaborative and effective approaches of CanopyStyle and Pack4Good.” – Andreas Streubig, Senior Vice President Global Corporate Responsibility & Public Affairs at HUGO BOSS

“The modern ecological paradigm assigns the solution of environmental problems to a change of worldview: from anthropocentric to ecocentric. Changing this worldview is the main one, which is the main way of transforming scientific research, which should be aimed at reducing anthropogenic impact. 

The IDEPS GmbH company has defined the main goal for itself – the creation of solutions that allow to achieve significant progress in matters of greening industrial production. Our innovation helps to reduce the pressure on the environment and increase the efficiency of the use of secondary resources. 

Our team of like-minded people is expanding its ranks, attracting the best scientists who are close to our philosophy and who are able to make this world greener, which means better!”

“There are so many decisions we must make to create healthy habits not only for ourselves, but for our families and to protect our planet. Saltwater LUXE is passionate about sustainability and creating products in a meaningful way that is conscious of our environment.  

In an effort to be kinder to our planet, we’re taking steps to implement environmentally friendly processes by using recycled fabrics and materials. Our hope is to reduce landfill waste, increase awareness, and be more environmentally responsible. We’re excited to be partnering with Canopy and their Pack4Good initiative to further our dedication to protecting our planet.” 

“As a fashion brand, we challenge ourselves every day to minimize our negative impact and adapt best practices in a supply chain that comes with a lot of complexity. We embrace the beauty and functionality of fabrics that originate from forests, such as viscose and lyocell, yet acknowledge the impact that those conventional resources have on our ecosystems. Teaming up with Canopy supports us on our journey to do better. Today we source 45% of our forest-based fibres originating from responsibly managed and certified forests, and by being part of the CanopyStyle Initiative we now commit to progressively source 100% of our forest-based fibres from top ranked producers by 2022, visible in stores by 2025.” – Jelle de Jong, Scotch & Soda Sustainability Director

“We are happy to partner with Canopy, the thought leader in this area. Sustainable raw material is a priority for us. There are also a wide array of alternative sustainable raw materials that we are exploring and hope to utilize in the future.” – Spinnova’s CEO and Co-Founder Janne Poranen