Quotes from Companies in February 14, 2023 Pack4Good Announcement

9FIBER provides an alternative to forest fiber and is a proud partner of Canopy Planet. 9FIBER recognizes the benefit of creating environmental awareness amongst its team, customers, and partners. 9FIBER supports responsible forest management practices that protect biodiversity and ecosystem integrity, provide long-term social and economic benefits to communities, and facilitate a stable, sustainable supply chain and climate of operational certainty.”

“As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hotel cosmetics, ADA Cosmetics has always taken its responsibility for people and the environment very seriously. Ever since we introduced the first dispenser system in hotel bathrooms 40 years ago, we have strived to lead the industry with our sustainable measures and innovations. Participating in the Pack4Good and CanopyStyle initiatives is another important step for us on this journey. The world’s forests are crucial to the well-being of our planet and the people who live on it. That’s why we want to actively contribute to their protection by joining forces with others, continuously reducing our resource consumption and sourcing pulp, paper, packaging and fabrics exclusively from sustainable sources.” — Lutz Hübner, CEO of ADA Cosmetics.

“As a leading producer of specialty paper, delfort is committed to being a proactive environmental and social leader for the long-term positive transformation of the food and consumer goods flexible packaging industry. As part of this commitment, we have partnered with Canopy to take collective action to protect irreplaceable forest ecosystems. We are dedicated to ensuring that rich biodiversity is protected and that we do not source raw materials from controversial sources.” — Zahlbruckner Martin, CEO of delfort. 

“At Faherty, we recognize the impact that the fashion industry has on the planet and are dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact. As such, we’re so excited to announce our partnership with Canopy and to work with them on their Pack4Good and CanopyStyle initiatives. Canopy is working tirelessly to help the planet and through our partnership, we can continue our sustainability efforts by improving our supply chain and shipping while also continuing to use materials that are less harmful to the forest ecosystems our planet so desperately needs. We can’t wait to kick off this partnership with Canopy and to work together to make the fashion industry less harmful to the environment.” — Kerry Docherty, Chief Impact Officer

“We are glad to partner with Canopy and join the Pack4Good initiative to highlight the solutions we develop within the Iroony project. Our goal includes to contribute to preserving the ancient and endangered forests and more globally help decrease the pressure on forests while at the same time encouraging sustainable farming practices.” 

“From the world’s first technology to upcycle used coffee cups, to the industry leading incorporation of used jeans into fully recyclable paper for packaging – transforming waste into beautiful paper is at the core of James Cropper’s FibreBlend Upcycled Technology mission.

We are proud to be part of Canopy’s Pack4Good initiative alongside so many businesses also dedicated to addressing the growing forest footprint of paper packaging. Solutions exist today such as utilising alternative fibres to make strong, attractive, and versatile packaging, while taking pressure off of forests and developing new regenerative supply chains.” — Tricia Hartmann, Global Packaging Lead from James Cropper

Pukka is thrilled to be joining the industry-leading Pack4Good initiative, protecting Ancient and Endangered Forests around the world and joining other brands to catalyse the move away from virgin wood-based packaging to using recycled materials and innovative next-generation materials. The initiative supports many of the solutions that Pukka is already exploring to reduce the climate and biodiversity impact of our packaging supply chains and we see this as an important collaboration to realise these ambitions and strengthen our commitments. It is an exciting and significant step forward towards achieving net zero emissions by 2030.” — Eleanor Jeffrey, Sustainability Manager

“Providing a truly sustainable and responsible paper packaging strategy to our customers requires that we continue to rigorously vet the source of our fibers and track our supply chain. The work we do with Canopy will ensure that we safeguard at-risk forests and confirm that the environments and communities related to the origin of our paper products remain prosperous and healthy,” — Ken Winterhalter, CEO of Seaman Paper.

“At Sunset Lover, we strongly believe that no ancient or endangered forest shall be cleared or compromised in the name of fashion. That is why we are excited to partner with CanopyStyle and the Pack4Good initiative to amplify our company’s efforts to protect the world’s Ancient and Endangered Forests.”

“Trees being at the center of who we are and what we do, it felt more than natural for tentree to join the CanopyStyle and Pack4Good initiatives. Our products are how we support our restorative planting projects, and since the very beginning, we’ve committed to sourcing cellulose-based fibers and packaging in a sustainable and ethical way. We’re excited to take part in Canopy’s initiatives to continue advancing our sourcing practices and lower our product impact, all while protecting ancient and endangered forests.”— Ludovic Duran, Senior Director Global Sourcing & Sustainability

“We’re pleased to announce our partnership with Canopy as part of their Pack4Good and Canopy Style initiatives. This partnership furthers our effort to protect the world’s Ancient and Endangered Forests.  Partnering with Canopy aligns and reinforces WE-AR4‘s commitment to taking direct climate action.” — Anna Bakst, Co-Founder, WE-AR4