Quotes and Information from the February 22 Lunar New Year Announcement

Established in1996, ELLASSAY Group stands as a leading multi-brands fashion group headquartered in Shenzhen, China, currently owns Chinese premium fashion brand ELLASSAY, German premium women’s wear brand Laurèl, French designer brand IRO Paris, American street fashion brand Ed Hardy, British contemporary fashion brand self-portrait, and Canadian premium outerwear brand nobis. Since 2021, ELLASSAY Group has been actively driving sustainability through reducing climate impact, promoting the circular economy, and protecting biodiversity. 

“We are thrilled to be among the first Chinese fashion brands to partner with Canopy and its initiatives CanopyStyle and Pack4Good to collaboratively address our MMCF fabrics and paper consumer packaging to accelerate our sustainability transformation and particularly keep the world’s endangered forests flourishing. This new collaboration is perfectly aligned with one of our pillars of protecting biodiversity and generally reducing our impact of nature. We recognized that there is still a long way to go and aim to continue to be a precursor among leading fashion group in China with regards to their sustainability journey.” said Alan Xia, Founder & Chairman of ELLASSAY Group. 

Read ELLASSAY’s CanopyStyle and Pack4Good policies. 

About Engine Bird
Engine Bird was founded on January 17th, 2013, by Qingjin Tong, an experienced ultra runner who committed himself to building an original runner-oriented brand of light-weight gear. 

Lightness as the brand’s DNA is realized by continuous and revolutionary exploration and innovation of material technology adapted to sports. Engine Bird is committed to delivering easy-to-wear, protective, abrasion-resistant and thermal gear to their customers. 

“2024 marks the 11th anniversary of Engine Bird, the beginning of a new decade. Looking forward, Engine Bird expects to make the best effort in environmental endeavors including renewable energy to protect the earth. 

The slogan, “I CAN FLY”, embodies our commitment to both lighter sports gear leading to healthier mind and body, and lighter burden on our home planet.”

Read Engine Bird’s CanopyStyle and Pack4Good policies. 

HAPPYWOOL is a dedicated, outdoor socks brand committed to developing and manufacturing comfortable functional socks for outdoor enthusiasts. HAPPYWOOL brings the green, environmentally friendly and recyclable natural fabrics with state-of-the-art technology to a wide spectrum of use scenarios, such as running, racing, skiing, trekking and hiking. 

HAPPYWOOL:  Enjoy Wool in Sport 

Read Happywool’s CanopyStyle and Pack4Good policies.