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At Canopy, our work is dedicated to protecting the vibrant forest ecosystems that are key to life on Earth. In this turn-around decade for our planet, we can no longer afford to cut down the world’s Ancient and Endangered Forests to make paper, packaging, or viscose and rayon textiles for fashion.

Next Gen technologies are already coming onto the market to make paper from agricultural residues like leftover wheat straw, and to make viscose/lyocell textiles from waste cotton fabric or microbial cellulose. It’s time to bring these solutions from the margins to the mainstream.

We’re connecting investors seeking impact and companies who are excited to be part of the solution to protect forests and meet market demand for sustainably-sourced products. We collaborate with 900+ companies, including major fashion brands, global print and logistics providers, health and beauty brands, and pulp, paper and viscose producers,  to eliminate Ancient and Endangered Forests from their supply chains and source environmentally preferable alternatives. For the past 15 years, we have developed markets for and supported the development of low-carbon Next Generation Solutions.

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“There’s no other way to be a vibrant business in 10 years unless there’s a shift towards circularity and Next Gen Solutions.” Pascal Brum, Head of Sustainability of H&M.