Next Gen dress on the Cover of Cosmopolitan UK

More proof that Next Generation textiles are the future of sustainable fashion

​​Last year, we created a series of bespoke garments as part of our ‘Circular Chic’ campaign to showcase the game changing Next Generation Solutions available today. This year, one of the dresses made for the campaign graced the 50th anniversary edition of Cosmpolitan UK.

The bespoke dress, worn by cover model Munroe Bergdorf, is made of Liva Reviva, a viscose fabric made with 30% cotton textile scraps. The cotton scraps, normally a waste product, are regenerated into pristine Next Generation fibre.

Liva Reviva is just one Next Gen textile getting ready to replace viscose made from forests. Others included in Circular Chic or coming online soon are REFIBRA™, a lyocell made with 30% cotton textile scraps, and ReVisco™, which contains 50% post-consumer cotton textiles and that’s just the beginning.

Currently, more than 200 million trees are logged every year to make fashion textiles like viscose and rayon, with many of these trees coming from the world’s most vital forests. Along with this issue of unsustainable sourcing, it is estimated that in just one year, landfills accumulate 92 million tonnes of textile waste globally. 

A growing number of producers are regenerating this waste to make Man-made Cellulosic Fibre textiles like viscose and rayon from recycled textiles such as old cotton jeans and t-shirts otherwise destined for landfills. If all Man-made Cellulosic Fibres were made with 50% Next Gen cellulose, the world would have 100 million more trees left standing every year. 

We look forward to seeing more fashionable, beautiful clothing made from low-carbon, circular, recycled, and innovative fabrics. 

Let the Next Generation start now!