MI DEMO/Kuura CanopyStyle Audit

The CanopyStyle Audit of the MI Demo plant was completed in August 2021. The audit found no direct risk of sourcing from Ancient and Endangered Forests and recognizes the nature of the production of Kuura® fibre that uses standard kraft pulp to produce MMCF.
MI Demo在2021年8月完成了CanopyStyle审核。经审核核实,MI Demo没有来自原始濒危森林的直接采购风险,审核认可公司使用常规牛皮纸浆生产再生纤维素纤维的流程。

Other key findings include:

– The company has recently adopted a CanopyStyle policy;
– 公司近期采纳了CanopyStyle采购政策;

– The company has procedures in place to assess risk related to Ancient and Endangered Forests and other controversial sources.
– 公司具备风险评估程序,可评估来自原始濒危森林和其它争议性地区的采购风险;

Canopy recommends that MI Demo:
Canopy建议MI Demo:

-Become FSC Chain of Custody certified and develop an action plan for increasing the amount of FSC fibre used, with preference for fibre from forests certified to the FSC forest management standard (FSC 100%);
-获取FSC COC认证;制定行动方案,提高FSC认证材料的使用量,并优先选择FSC100%认证的森林材料;

-Research and launch a commercial product containing Next Generation alternative fibres using recycled cotton or other comparable feedstocks.

The audit can be found here:

For more information:

Laura Repas, Canopy
+1 416-729-7484

About MI Demo
MI Demo is operating a demo plant that produces Kuura® textile fibre which is made through a type of lyocell process using 100%
softwood paper-grade pulp. This mill that produces, Kuura®, has undertaken a CanopyStyle Audit. The Kuura® fibre is manufactured by a joint venture set up by ITOCHU Corporation and Metsä Group in a demo plant in Central Finland. This plant has been integrated in Metsä Group’s bioproduct mill in a city called Äänekoski. www.kuura.io
MI Demo经营一家生产Kuura®纤维的示范工厂,采用一种莱赛尔纤维生产流程,原材料为100%软木造纸级浆粕。该Kuura®纤维工厂完成了CanopyStyle审核。Kuura®纤维由伊藤忠商事与芬林集团在中芬兰区合资创办的示范工厂生产。该工厂现已整合至芬林集团在艾內科斯基的生物制品工厂。www.kuura.io

About Preferred by Nature
Preferred by Nature, formerly NEPCon, is an international, non-profit organisation working to support better land management and business practices that benefit people, nature and the climate. For 25 years, we have worked with businesses, smallholders, non-profit organisations and governments on developing solutions to major global challenges such as deforestation and climate change. We focus on forest and climate impact commodities and related sectors. Through a well-developed network of local representatives and contractors, Preferred by Nature offers timely and cost-effective certification services around the world. Our focus on mission and impact differentiates our services and strengthens our credibility. www.preferredbynature.org