Lenzing’s CanopyStyle Audit: Results Released

Lenzing’s CanopyStyle Audit: Results Released

Release of first-ever independent verification by the Rainforest Alliance of raw material sourcing and forest conservation for fabric made with Lenzing™ fibers

Lenzing, New York and Vancouver – May 24th, 2017

Today, environmental not-for-profit Canopy and the Rainforest Alliance, released the first independent verification audit results of Lenzing’s wood sourcing. The audit uses a risk-based approach and requires verifiable evidence that wood and pulp used by Lenzing for the production of fabric and fibers, such as Lenzing Viscose®, Lenzing Modal®, TENCEL®, Refibra™, fulfill a robust verification framework and audit process that was developed by Canopy in partnership with the auditors Rainforest Alliance.

Lenzing is the firstf the world’s leading viscose (rayon) fibre producers to complete the audit, a risk assessment of Lenzing’s current supply chains, which confirms the industry-leading rating of low risk for sourcing of wood from ancient and endangered forests or other controversial sources, excluding small volumes of trial material*. The audit will form a key performance indicator of Canopy’s overall assessment of viscose (rayon) producers’ progress on their CanopyStyle commitments coming soon.

“Canopy welcomes these first audit results as a key milestone on the CanopyStyle path to end the use of endangered forests in fabrics,” said Nicole Rycroft, Canopy’s Executive Director. “These audits are a learning tool for producers and an instrument for Canopy and our 100 brand partners in assessing risk within the rayon – viscose supply chain. A warm congratulations to Lenzing being the first to take this significant step forward in fulfilling its CanopyStyle commitments.”

“The Rainforest Alliance is proud to participate in this important initiative that matches our mission to conserve biodiversity and help ensure sustainable livelihoods,” stated Richard Donovan, Rainforest Alliance Senior Vice President/Vice President Forestry. “Our role includes serving as the trusted auditor, helping drive the sustainable use of non-timber forest elements in fashion and independently evaluating Lenzing’s progress. We conduct field evaluations, analyze and report on the progress required, and deliver audit results that are a snapshot in time, highlighting commitments met and areas for improvements.”

In recent years, fashion has emerged as a rapidly growing sector using forests for fabrics such as rayon (viscose) and other trademarked fibers. Vibrant forest ecosystems are critical for maintaining species diversity, a stable climate and freshwater systems. Efforts to curtail the impacts of viscose’s growing production footprint on frontline communities, species, the world’s climate and intact forests are drivers behind the work of Canopy and the Rainforest Alliance with Lenzing.

“Lenzing is proud to be a proactive partner in the CanopyStyle initiative. Our leadership is re-affirmed by completing this third-party verified audit of our wood and pulp sourcing,” said Stefan Doboczky, CEO of the Lenzing Group. “These audit findings are of great value, offering us insights and confirming our path to continue innovating on closed-loop sourcing and offering our customers even more sustainable products.”

Key findings of Lenzing’s audit include:

  • Current Lenzing TM fibers supply chains are confirmed as low risk for sourcing from ancient and endangered forests or other controversial sources, excluding small volumes of trial material*.
  • A comprehensive understanding of their supply chain structure and the geography of all dissolving wood pulp manufacturers.
  • A strong commitment to the company policy to avoid sourcing from ancient and endangered forests.

Lenzing commits to further full cooperation with the CanopyStyle Pathway and to improving existing processes and is developing a scheme to include Rainforest Alliance and Canopy into risk assessment of new supply chains.

Moving forward, the report suggest the company could improve their annual audit results by:

  • Collecting more specific data on the forest of origin of the materials being received.
  • Build on Lenzing’s existing chain of custody and certified material sources to include certification claims on supporting sales and delivery documentation
  • Continue their leadership with products containing recycled content and progressively forward the use of closed loop fibres
  • Act to forward conservation solutions in the world’s ancient and endangered forests
  • Applying the sourcing policy and systems to all trial materials
  • Pass along forest of origin and certification claims to customers

Since its launch in 2013, the CanopyStyle initiative has been recognized as the fastest moving environmental issue within the apparel industry. Over the past three years and with the support of 100 brands, designers and retailers representing $115 billion USD in annual sales, CanopyStyle has secured sourcing commitments from producers representing 75% of the global supply of fabrics made from viscose (rayon). These audits are a key tool to support improved performance on these commitments and will be conducted annually. Audit findings will contribute to CanopyStyle’s Hot Button Issue Report, which assesses viscose producers’ overall performance on forest conservation, advancements on developing fabrics made from recycled fabrics and straw, and transparency.

The public reports from audit evaluations of Lenzing’s global operations** are available for download here:




* Any change in supply chains would require a re-evaluation

**One additional site visit audit report has also been performed for Lenzing that is not included here. The findings of this additional site audit are consistent with the low risk assessment from the rest of Lenzing’s overall and site facility audits. Lenzing (by May 31st) and Rainforest Alliance will post the missing report as soon as possible.

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The Lenzing Group

With a fiber sales volume of 978,000 tons and revenue of EUR 2.13 bn, the Lenzing Group is a world market leader headquartered in Austria. Lenzing supplies the global textile and nonwovens industry with high-quality, botanic cellulose fibers. Its portfolio ranges from dissolving wood pulp to standard and specialty cellulose fibers. Lenzing is committed to the principles of sustainable management with very high environmental standards and can underscore this commitment with numerous international sustainability certifications for its business processes as the most sustainable company in the sector. www.lenzing.com

The Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance, which celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2017, is an international non-profit organization that works around the world to conserve forests and natural resources while advancing sustainable livelihoods through a focus on transforming land use practices, business practices, and consumer behavior. This CanopyStyle Audit was conducted by auditors from the Rainforest Alliance certification division, which since 1989 has provided expert certification in farm and forestry sectors, as well as assurance services. To learn more about the Rainforest Alliance, visit www.rainforest-alliance.org


Canopy is an international not-for-profit environmental organization dedicated to protecting our forests, species and climate. Canopy collaborates with more than 750 companies to develop innovative solutions, to make their supply chains more sustainable, and to help protect our world’s remaining ancient and endangered forests. Canopy’s partners include H&M, Sprint, Penguin Random House, Zara, TC Transcontinental, The Globe and Mail, and Scholastic. Canopy’s work relies on the support of individual donors who share our passion for the planet.