JUST-STYLE: Lenzing leads the field in forest-free viscose ranking

October 24, 2016. Originally published in Just-Style by Beth Wright.

Austrian fibre company Lenzing, and Indian conglomerate Aditya Birla – who together produce 35% of the world’s rayon-viscose – are rising to the top of a global ranking that rates companies on their efforts to conserve forests.

The ranking is included in a report released today (24 October) by environmental NGO Canopy, which rates the performance of the largest rayon-viscose producers on their progress on eliminating endangered forests as the source of the raw material in their supply chains.

It is thought to be the first tool of its kind to help fashion brands assess producers’ impact on forests and their leadership in forging solutions.

‘The Hot Button Issue’ report includes an analysis of their progress across 19 criteria, including the status of their CanopyStyle audits, to confirm they are not sourcing from endangered forests or other controversial sources. The report also analyses their leadership in the innovation of next- gen fabrics such as recycled rayon and viscose, and whether they are advancing key forest protection initiatives.

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