Jilin Chemical Fiber completes its first CanopyStyle Audit

Jilin, New York and Vancouver – June 25, 2020: Today, environmental not-for-profit organization Canopy, third-party auditor NEPCon, and Jilin Chemical Fiber Corporation released the results of Jilin’s first CanopyStyle Audit. The company produces man-made cellulosic fiber (MMCF), with headquarters in Jilin province, China.

吉林,纽约和温哥华 June 25, 2020:今天,非营利性环保组织Canopy、第三方审核机构NEPCon和吉林化纤正式发布吉林化纤首次CanopyStyle审核报告。吉林化纤主要生产人造纤维素纤维(MMCF),总部位于中国吉林省。

The audit report indicates that Jilin Chemical Fiber has acted quickly to implement its CanopyStyle commitments since adopting a policy in Fall 2019. Through the audit process the company has taken actions to address risk in its supply chain, and are tracking towards low risk.


“Canopy is impressed with the action taken by Jilin Chemical Fiber to mitigate risk in its supply chain and eliminate sourcing from Ancient and Endangered Forests,” said Nicole Rycroft, Canopy’s Executive Director. “We are also very pleased to see the company’s research and investment in low impact alternative fibres, which take pressure off the world’s forests. We hope to see this scale-up in the near future.”

“吉林化纤积极消除供应链风险,停止从原始濒危森林地区采购,对此我们表示赞叹,”Canopy执行总裁Nicole Rycroft说道,“我们还非常高兴看到公司在低环境影响纤维方面的研发投入,这种新型纤维将减小森林压力。我们希望在不久的将来,公司在此领域成就斐然。”

“Jilin is excited to be part of the CanopyStyle initiative, and is eager to continue to work with Canopy to reduce impacts on Ancient and Endangered Forests,” said Mr. Li Kui, vice General Manager & Head of the Council for Sustainable Development of Jilin Chemical Fiber. “We are proud of our work to date, and with the findings of the audit report.”


“NEPCon is pleased to be the independent auditing body for the CanopyStyle initiative, and is particularly proud of making it possible to meet the growing demand for CanopyStyle audits throughout Asia,” stated Jon Jickling, Director of NEPCon Solutions. “Jilin Chemical Fiber was committed to this third-party assessment of their raw material sourcing.”

“NEPcon非常高兴成为CanopyStyle行动的独立第三方审核机构,为亚洲日益增长的审核需求助一臂之力,” NEPCon解决方案总监Jon Jickling表示,“吉林化纤倾力完成此次针对原材料采购的第三方审核。”

Key findings of the audit include:


  • Jilin has engaged with suppliers and worked to remove risk in its supply chain in order to implement its policy commitments under the CanopyStyle initiative;
  • 吉林化纤与供应商积极沟通,致力于消除供应链风险,实现CanopyStyle行动下的政策承诺;
  • The company has begun research into the use of low impact alternative fibres, such as recycled textiles;
  • 吉林化纤已经开始研发低环境影响的替代性纤维,诸如回收纺织品;
  • The company has begun supporting forest conservation solutions in key areas of Ancient and Endangered Forests.
  • 吉林化纤已经开始支持重点原始濒危森林的森林保护计划。

Moving forward, Canopy recommends that Jilin:


  • Continue to engage with suppliers to ensure they are compliant with the company’s’ wood sourcing policy;
  • 继续保持与供应商的沟通,确保供应商符合公司采购政策的要求;
  • Implement an action plan to increase the amount of FSC-certified fibre used, with a preference for fibre from FSC-certified forests (FSC 100%), and uses FSC certified bamboo;
  • 实施一项行动计划,提高FSC认证纤维的使用量,优先选择FSC认证森林(FSC100%)的原材料,并使用FSC认证的竹浆;
  • Continue to invest in research and development of low impact alternative fibres, such as recycled textiles, with the goal of releasing a fibre line that contains these products.
  • 继续研发低环境影响的替代性纤维,诸如回收纺织品,致力于推出含有新型纤维的全新产品线。

This audit, which reflects a snapshot in time, is to be conducted annually to ensure that Jilin continues to meet the expectations of the CanopyStyle initiative. The audit findings contribute to the Hot Button Issue Report.


The public report from Jilin’s audit evaluations is available for download here:




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Jilin Chemical Fiber
Jilin Chemical Fiber Stock Co., Ltd was established in 1960 and began production in 1964. Currently the number of employees amounts to 6,300. Jilin Chemical Fiber Stock Co., Ltd is a major subsidiary of the group which has man-made cellulosic fiber (MMCF)  with 72,000 tons of designed production capacity. It boasts 28 national patents. It holds a number of third-party certificates, including STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® testing and certification system,SA8000(Social Accountability 8000 International standard), FSC Chain of Custody,RCS(RecycledClaimed Standard),ZDHC testing, Applying for ISO9001:2000 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, ISO45001 Occupational health and safety management system, ISO50001 energy management system certification, LCA and EU-BAT testing.

公司简介 吉林市吉林化纤股份有限公司成立于1960年,1964年投产。目前员工人数6300人。吉林化纤股份有限公司是集团的主要子公司,主营人造纤维素纤维,设计生产能力7.2万吨,拥有国家专利28项。

拥有国际环保纺织标准Oeko-Tex Standard 100认证、SA8000认证、FSC认证、RCS认证,已通过ZDHC检测,正在申报ISO9001:2000质量管理体系、ISO14001环境管理体系、ISO45001职业健康安全管理体系、ISO50001能源管理体系认证;正在进行LCA、EU-BAT等多项第三方审核