HH Global announces alliance with Canopy

This press release was published by HH Global.

London, 25 April 2018 – HH Global, the world’s fastest-growing and most innovative marketing execution partner, today announced its global alliance with leading not-for-profit forest conservation organization, Canopy.  This partnership follows the announcement of HH Global’s fiscal year 2019 Sustainability Targets and aligns with the cornerstone of “Innovation with Purpose” – a triad approach to the support of UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development, to develop innovative solutions, and a pledge to foster the involvement of employees, clients, and suppliers.


For nearly 20 years, Canopy has grown to be one of the most effective not-for-profit environmental organizations at securing partnerships to develop business solutions that protect the world’s endangered forests.  Canopy has teamed with over 750 of the forest industry’s largest customers and like-minded businesses such as HH Global to serve as engaged champions for conservation and sustainable choices throughout the supply chain.


This alliance will support HH Global with implementing its recently released HH Global Sustainable Materials Policy — a commitment to promote sustainable materials usage through viable alternative choices that reduce impact on forests and ultimately ramifications to habitats and local communities. Canopy provides audit assistance to HH Global to ensure that it is not sourcing from ancient and endangered forest with a variety of tools and standards metrics that help identify the requirements of paper/packaging/fabric origin, content, certification, production, and usage. Through the mapping of their sourcing process, HH Global will assure compliance throughout the supply chain, which in turn will serve their clients world-wide.


Nicole Rycroft, Canopy Founder and Executive Director is pleased to formalize the relationship with HH Global, a new key partner of the marketing print and print production sector. . “We are excited to work with HH Global on this partnership. Not only do we have the potential to substantially reduce the environmental impact of some of the world’s largest brands, together we can help catalyze next-generation solutions such as packaging and papers made of straw. Canopy’s collaboration with HH Global will deliver sustainable sourcing solutions and advance conservation opportunities in some of the world’s most important landscapes.”

HH Global Chief Digital and Innovation officer, Kevin Dunckley is encouraged by the collaboration. “HH Global has pioneered eco-consciousness in global marketing execution. The trend of our initiatives is soaring as our clients have become aware of HH Global’s involvement as an environmental advocate for print. With the recent announcement of our Sustainability Targets, the edie Sustainability Leaders Awardfor our Quality Printer Program technology, and now our partnership with a leader such as Canopy, global brands will know that we are forthright in our commitment and have the momentum to continue these efforts.”

HH Global has the established credentials and expertise to collaborate with clients to meet and exceed their sustainability goals. Brands that are recognized for their commitment to operate in an environmentally sustainable way, including Google, HSBC, Lloyds Bank, and Unilever, have seen the results of HH Global initiatives including the introduction of conscious paper purchasing, supply chain audits, and product and delivery channel re-engineering which have resulted in reduced environmental impact. HH Global acts as a partner, promoting efforts throughout the sourcing supply chain so that clients achieve their goals and increase their authenticity as eco-friendly brand leaders.


Robert MacMillan, Global CEO, concurs with the strength of the offering to global brands. “Our partnership with Canopy will help us take our sustainability leadership to the next level and to contribute to global forest conservation legacies. Our authority in this arena is getting noticed. We have a team of ingenious thought leaders that are leveraging the depth of key relationships to extend our scope and pursue the most mindful options to mitigate the effect of print to the planet. I am anxious to soon share what is next for HH Global as the sustainability leader.”

HH Global and Canopy will be announcing co-aligned events including a “Transforming Tomorrow” Innovation Exchange this fall and participation in the Canopy rainforest tour for an intensive educational experience for clients.

About HH Global

HH Global Ltd., founded in 1991, is a leading, independent marketing execution partner to prominent brands in over 40 countries. The company offers innovative and tailored solutions for the outsourced procurement of all types of printed marketing materials, packaging, and creative production services, that drive down cost, speed time to market, improve quality, and increase sustainability. Every HH Global solution utilizes HHub, a best-in-class marketing execution application, an expansive list of suppliers, proprietary processes, and the deep expertise of over 900 employees. The company also operates HH Labs, the center of its innovation program, that brings fresh, new ideas to clients. With more than $500M in spend under management, HH Global maintains a razor-sharp focus on cost and quality, combined with an industry-leading sustainability program, offering improvements that provide both fiscal and environmental value. For more information, visit www.hhglobal.com.


About Canopy


Canopy is a not-for-profit environmental organization dedicated to protecting the world’s forests, species and climate. Canopy collaborates with more than 750 companies to develop innovative solutions, make their supply chains more sustainable and help protect our world’s remaining ancient and endangered forests. Canopy’s partners include H&M, Sprint, Penguin Random House, Stella McCartney, Zara, TC Transcontinental, The Guardian and Scholastic. Canopy’s work relies on the support of individual donors who share our passion for the planet.