GreenKey turns wastes into packaging solutions to protect forests

Every year over 3 billion trees are cut down for paper packaging. 

Many of these trees come from the world’s most vital forests. Forests we need to keep standing.

At the same time, millions of tonnes of agricultural residue are burned, and ocean waste accumulates and rots on beaches becoming a major issue for local communities.

Canopy’s innovation partner GreenKey sees a way to turn all these problems into packaging solutions.

GreenKey’s innovative technology can process everything from hemp, to rice straw, to tomato leaves and sargassum seaweed to make packaging boxes.

Their process uses 90% less energy, 91% less water and uses far fewer chemicals than traditional methods.

It’s one of many NextGen solutions that makes waste circular, saves forests, and addresses the climate and biodiversity crises.

These are the solutions we need to scale and implement.

Canopy is working to do just that. 

Join us.

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