FORBES: Stella McCartney On Innovating The Fashion Industry From Within

November 20, 2016. Originally published in Forbes by Rachel Arthur.

As a fashion designer, Stella McCartney has always challenged the way in which things are made, actively turning to innovation in order to operate a global business built on sustainability.

Today, 53% of her womenswear collection can be considered sustainable, up from 30% in the early days. Her new menswear line is at 45%.

Speaking at this year’s annual Kering Talk at London College of Fashion, she said that technology and innovation are essential to grow those numbers further, and importantly that it’s about time the rest of the industry got on board.

“Every other industry is having to question how they manufacture,” she explained. “It’s part of innovation and growth.” Within that, fashion is one of the more harmful industries on the planet, she added, and yet it’s not yet acting on it. Indeed, according to other sources, fashion and textiles reportedly account for 10% of global carbon emissions each year, use a quarter of all chemicals produced worldwide, and come just after agriculture in the amount of water they consume.

“The fashion industry has a lot to do,” McCartney noted. “It has to think differently, it’s the only way forward.”

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