Eco-friendly Packaging Made from Waste

Every year, three billion trees are cut down to make paper packaging like beauty boxes, takeout containers, and shipping boxes. But did you know that you can make eco-friendly packaging out of almost anything — from waste straw to food scraps, and even leaves?

Releaf, one of Canopy’s innovation partners, is based in the Ukraine and is the world’s first manufacturer of sustainable paper packaging solutions from fallen leaves.

While many leaves should be composted or left to rejuvenate your yard, 10.5 million tons of yard trimmings are still landfilled every year in the US alone.

Releaf takes discarded leaves and produces sustainable kraft paper for printing, wrapping goods, and manufacturing paper bags, corrugated packaging, and other paper products.

Their innovative technology doesn’t use chemicals, is more climate-friendly than traditional paper production, and saves forests from the chopping block.

It’s a triple win for people, business, and the planet. 

Releaf’s innovative technology is one of many eco-friendly packaging solutions companies have at their disposal to take the pressure off forests.

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