Eastman CanopyStyle Audit

Eastman’s CanopyStyle Audit, which covers its Naia fibre line, was completed in September 2021. The audit found no direct risk of sourcing from Ancient and Endangered Forests and recognizes Eastman’s continued positive engagement of a supplier that is linked to risk via ownership.


Other key findings include:

-The company has procedures in place to assess risk related to Ancient and Endangered Forests and other controversial sources;
– 公司具备风险评估程序,可评估来自原始濒危森林和其它争议性地区的采购风险;

-The company has invested in Next Generation alternative fibres, and is entering a commercial launch phase;
– 公司投资研发下一代替代性纤维,正进入商业投产阶段;

-The company has increased its proportion of FSC certified fibres since its first CanopyStyle Audit.
– 第一次CanopyStyle审核之后,公司提高了FSC认证材料的使用比例。

Canopy recommends that Eastman:

-Launch a commercial product containing Next Generation alternative fibres and scale up to meet targets of 50% by 2030;
– 发布一款含有下一代替代性纤维的商业产品,并提高产量,以期在2030年前实现50%下一代纤维比例的目标;

-Continues to increase the amount of FSC fibre used, with preference for FSC 100% sources;
– 继续提高FSC认证材料的使用量,优先选择FSC100%认证材料;

-Continue to engage suppliers to mitigate risk and support conservation solutions on the ground.
– 继续与供应商沟通,降低风险;支持切实的森林保护方案。

The audit can be found here:

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