Canopy wins Gold at Printing Awards for 2015 Green Printer Report and Rankings

November 13, 2015 Toronto, Canada. Canopy is honoured and delighted to share the news that The Blueline Report 2015 – a guide to the most forest-friendly North American printers – has been awarded the Gold for “Most Environmentally Progressive Printing Service” at the annual Canadian Printing Awards, held last night in Toronto.

The award comes at the same time that the international environmental not-for-profit organization is releasing their updated rankings of North American printers on transparency, sustainability, paper sourcing and forest conservation among 29 key indicators used to assess print industry performance.

“This award recognizes the value of The Blueline Report and Canopy’s printer rankings to major print customers,” said Neva Murtha, Canopy’s Senior Campaigner. “The report’s robust content has ensured its utility for customers seeking to improve their sustainability track record with the printers they choose.”

Since its release at Sustainable Brands in June 2015 the response to Canopy’s report has been very positive among print customers.

“Customers are reaching out to their printers, urging improvements. And printers are contacting Canopy, keen to take the steps required to improve their ranking”, said Catherine Stewart, who recently joined the Canopy team to support North American printers on their path to sustainability.

The newly updated rankings reflect the rapid response by many printers to the report in just 3 months:

  • Six printers have added additional sustainability content to their websites: IWCO Direct, EarthColor, St. Joseph Communications, TPH The Printing House, MET Fine Printers and Harmony.
  • In just three months, three new printers developed and published new environmental paper policy content, while two more are actively engaging Canopy on policy development
  • The biggest mover was TPH The Printing House who did not appear in the first assessment and now sits at #4. St. Joseph’s Communications, IWCO Direct and MET Fine Printers followed with the biggest gains in rank.

Particularly evident following the reassessments is the widening gap between the leaders and those printers that are slow to move. While 25 percent of the top 30 North American printers have now developed endangered forest commitments, seven printers still have no substantial sustainability content on their sites.

As The Blueline Report and rankings gain recognition and added traction with major print customers, Canopy will continue to encourage printers lacking in transparent and robust sustainability initiatives to engage with their customers and credible NGOs. Numerous studies are confirming the importance of sustainability in the modern marketplace. Canopy has the tools and expertise to help printers develop policies and practices that will stand out in today’s competitive marketplace.

For more information or to arrange an interview, contact:

Neva Murtha, Canopy: +1-604-817-4974