Canopy x HUGO BOSS: Reducing Materials and Increasing Recycled Content

We are pleased to share our inaugural Pack4Good case study. This is the first in a series from Canopy and our Pack4Good partners that will outline and showcase how companies are transforming paper packaging supply chains and saving climate-critical forests all over the world. Paper packaging currently consumes 3.1 billion trees every year.

This case study was undertaken with premium apparel company HUGO BOSS, a Pack4Good partner since 2021. HUGO BOSS has worked with Canopy to better understand their paper packaging supply chain, reduce materials, and increase recycled paper content. 

These case studies have been designed to help our Pack4Good brand partners and potential brand partners by providing a combination of data and anecdotes to show how, with Canopy’s support, companies can unravel, circularize, and make planet-friendly improvements to their paper packaging supply chains. Each case study will highlight a variety of solutions and successes.

Telling the stories of our brand partners’ sustainability initiatives illustrates that we can keep our planet’s health top of mind while also having reliable paper packaging.

Look for more Pack4Good Case Studies in the coming months. 

If you would like to know more about joining Pack4Good or would like to partner with us to create a Case Study around your implementation work, please contact