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Vancouver Island’s Last Old-Growth Rainforests

Canopy was born at a kitchen table on the edge of North America, in a forest that has inspired generations of activists and lovers of nature alike — Clayoquot Sound on the west coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. Its temperate rainforest valleys and mountains hold cedars thousands of years old, and giant Sitka spruce that even 11 people joining hands could not encircle. Bald eagles and black bears fish for salmon in its rivers. Grey whales, orcas, and sea otters swim in its inlets and feed in the depths and shallows between its forested islands.

The towering coastal temperate rainforests are globally rare, covering less than 1% of the earth’s surface. Sadly, their future remains uncertain. More than three-quarters of the productive ancient rainforest on Vancouver Island has already been logged. These magnificent forests are key to mitigating climate change, storing more atmospheric carbon per hectare than almost any other forest on Earth, yet only a fraction of these irreplaceable giants remain.

Currently, there is a two-year deferral on logging of the remaining old-growth forests in Clayoquot. Canopy is working with our brand partners and allies to foster long-term solutions to ensure the conservation of these last remaining stands of Vancouver Island’s ancient forests to protect this peerless place for this generation and those to come.


Photo by Andrew Wright
Photo by Andrew Wright