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Protecting Indonesia’s Rainforests

Vital carbon storehouses and home to some of the richest biodiversity on the planet, the forests of Indonesia are of global significance. Canopy is working to conserve Indonesia’s rainforests, species and the world’s climate.

Canopy is building a powerbase of international customers and ambassadors that are supportive of robust solutions for Indonesia’s rainforests and the animals & communities that depend on them. By helping the world’s publishers, printers, packaging consumers, clothing brands and other large companies develop and implement environmental policies that prohibit the use of pulp from ancient and endangered forests, Canopy can help save these important places.

Working along side these customer companies we are creating market incentives for landmark conservation initiatives such as British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest Agreement. In coordination with local NGO partners, we galvanize this international support of local conservation efforts to secure landscape level conservation in the Leuser Ecosystem as well as the restoration of degraded landscapes in key areas across Indonesia.

Indonesia is home to some of the most ecologically important stands of tropical rainforest in the world. Between providing habitat for  species and keeping a wealth of carbon out of our atmosphere, these unique ecosystems have everything – everything but protection that is. Global demand for paper and clothing is helping drive their destruction.


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