The next stage in securing a long-term solution for the Broadback

A remarkable opportunity to secure a future for Woodland Caribou and for Québec’s last vast Boreal wilderness area is coming to the fore in ‘la Belle Province’. Conservation of the Broadback Forest has garnered an unprecedented level of social and economic support. First Nations, whose traditional territory is at stake, are strongly advocating for a comprehensive protected area. Solid science supports this action. A wide range of stakeholders are backing protection of the Broadback. This coalescing of diverse interests presents a rare opportunity the Québec government must seize.

We urge the government to act to protect the last thousands of share kilometres of magnificent Broadback Forest. All the conditions for success are aligned; the only piece not yet in place is political action.

If you are a major lumber or forest products customer purchaser, contact Canopy to learn how you can help secure a future for the Broadback Forest.


Ground fog over the river Athabasca and boreal forest in early morning, north of Fort McMurray, northern Alberta, Canada.
Photo by Jiri Rezac