How We Protect Forests

Conserving vital forest ecosystems that are key to life on Earth is at the foundation of Canopy’s work.

Change-making can be difficult, but for nearly 25 years, that’s exactly what Canopy has done – made change.

We work with global companies, large and small, and the world’s best eco-innovators to find groundbreaking solutions to transform supply chains and ensure our world’s most vital forests don’t end up as packaging for your next shipment, takeout, or fabric for your new shirt. 

Together, we are saving forests, protecting the climate, and developing sourcing solutions that reduce your company’s impact and risk – a triple win for us and the planet.



Our Pack4Good initiative invites industry leaders to think outside the box and implement real solutions to ensure that Ancient and Endangered Forests aren’t cut down to package your next delivery. We work to guide brands to green their paper packaging supply chains, answer growing customer demand for change, increase the uptake of Next Generation Solutions, and keep forests standing in the process. With Pack4Good, grandma can send her grandkids tube socks and the forests can stay, well … forest-y.



You know how to keep yourself looking good. Our CanopyStyle initiative brings together  fashion’s most progressive players and industry giants to ensure we keep the planet looking (and feeling) good too. CanopyStyle works with fashion brands, retailers, designers, and their viscose suppliers to follow the thread of their products. Together, we revolutionize supply chains, catalyze Next Generation Solutions, and engage in collective advocacy that advances forest conservation and changes our world for the better. Now that’s stylish!

Next Generation Solutions

Next Gen Solutions are the designs, systems, and technologies that will enable us to protect 30-50% of the world’s forests by 2030. We help companies eliminate the use of controversial forest fibre and access sustainable alternatives instead. Millions of tonnes of Next Gen papers for packaging, made from agricultural fibres, rather than trees, are already available. Millions more can be made to replace paper made from Ancient and Endangered Forests. Mountains of textile waste can be reprocessed to manufacture next season’s fabrics with a much smaller environmental footprint. Through redesign, reuse, and rethinking ‘waste,’ Next Gen technologies enable us to forge a path to planetary survival.

Our Partners

Canopy’s goals are ambitious — this critical decade for our planet requires nothing less. But we couldn’t reach these goals without our incredible partners. Our partnerships demonstrate what’s possible when we work together to take collective action with an imperative for meaningful change.

Learn About Our Partners
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Landscapes of Hope

Degradation and deforestation of Ancient and Endangered Forests continues at an alarming rate all around the world. Billions of trees are logged annually to make boxes and textiles, and many of them come from ecosystems thousands or even millions of years in the making — putting species, communities, and the climate at risk.

Canopy works with its brand partners and local allies to protect irreplaceable forest ecosystems to ensure that the rich biodiversity of life is protected, our climate stabilized, traditional and Indigenous communities thrive, and to ensure humanity can live vibrantly within the limits of our planet.

Paper Futures

Through our Paper Futures campaign, we work with heavy paper-consuming sectors to guide them away from sourcing from Ancient and Endangered Forests and toward the development of alternatives to virgin wood fiber.

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Keep Ancient and Endangered Forests Standing

We collaborate with over 500 brand partners across a broad spectrum of businesses to help ensure they aren’t sourcing from the world’s Ancient and Endangered Forests for their viscose fabrics, paper, paper packaging and pulp. To maintain our independence, we do not receive any funding from the companies or producers that we work with for any of Canopy’s core activities or expenses. Canopy’s work is generously supported by the philanthropic community and individual donors.