Calling All Sports Fans: INTERSPORT Sweden Joins CanopyStyle


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 14, 2022 – Today, leading sporting goods retailer INTERSPORT Sweden – with almost 100 stores across the country – is partnering with solutions-driven non-profit Canopy to advance forest-friendly supply chains. In doing so, they put critical points on the board for the world’s forests, species, and climate.

INTERSPORT Sweden is joining over 520 of the world’s leading fashion designers and apparel brands – representing more than 886.5 billion USD in collective revenue – who have CanopyStyle policies in place. INTERSPORT Sweden is committing to eliminating any sourcing from the world’s Ancient and Endangered Forests from their textile supply chains and to advancing the production of low-carbon, circular, Next Generation alternatives.

Forest protection has been identified by world-leading scientists as a major part of the climate solution and is critical to keeping global warming below 1.5°C through 2030. Hitting this level of conservation means transforming ‘take, make, waste’ supply chains, transitioning out of sourcing from the world’s Ancient and Endangered Forests, and scaling Next Generation alternatives – such as textiles made from recycled fabrics or agricultural residues – is an urgent necessity.

An estimated 92 million tons of clothing waste is generated globally each year. Repurposing this waste stream to make new fabrics not only results in significant environmental savings but can help protect the 300+ million trees, many from vital forests, from being logged for viscose annually. Canopy, and now INTERSPORT Sweden, are part of a growing movement to make using Next Generation Solutions the norm.

“At INTERSPORT Sweden, we believe in acting responsibly and know the success of our business is intrinsically linked to protecting the rights of people, animals and the environment. We are excited to become a CanopyStyle partner to continue this journey,” said Hanna Wolff, Production & Sustainability Coordinator at INTERSPORT Sweden. “The sports and apparel sector can step up to ensure that the forest-derived textiles, like viscose and lyocell, don’t come from vital forests, and to shift towards lower-impact alternatives. INTERSPORT Sweden is committed, with Canopy’s support, to do just that.”

“By joining CanopyStyle, INTERSPORT Sweden is committing to a forest-saving game plan,” said Nicole Rycroft, Founder and Executive Director of Canopy. “Together, we can take on the environmental challenges we face and score big victories for people and the planet. We’re excited to be hitting the court, playing hard, and showing the world that scaling low-impact, Next Gen Solutions is the slam-dunk strategy we need to score a win for the planet.”

See INTERSPORT Sweden’s new CanopyStyle policy here.

INTERSPORT is a global sporting goods retailer with a presence in 5800 locations and in 57 countries. Since its inception in 1968, INTERSPORT Sweden is one of Sweden’s leading sports chains with almost 100 stores across the country.

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Canopy is a solutions-driven not-for-profit organization dedicated to protecting forests, species, and climate. Canopy has collaborated with more than 900 companies to develop cutting-edge environmental policies that transform unsustainable supply chains, spark innovative solutions, and protect our world’s remaining Ancient and Endangered Forests.

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