Brand Quotes June 2, 2021 Pack4Good Announcement

Avocado Green Mattress
“At Avocado Green Brands, we know that protecting ancient forests is critical to addressing the climate crisis. We’re proud to work with Canopy to ensure our materials always come from sustainable sources and never from the endangered forests that are so essential to our health — and the planet’s.”


Crown van Gelder
“At Crown Van Gelder we are ambitious and we firmly believe that we can ‘Change the World of Paper’ by introducing a next generation solution, using alternative fibers (Sugar Beet Pulp) for paper making, offering the packaging market the opportunity to reduce its environmental impact.”


“UGG is proud to partner with Canopy, championing the continued importance of protecting the world’s forests to ensure a healthy planet, and a healthy future for the generations that follow us,” said Andrea O’Donnell, President, UGG® & Koolaburra by UGG® at Deckers Brands. “With this partnership, we are vowing to further our commitment to sustainable practices across forest related sourcing, taking steps to protect our endangered forests.”


Grove Collaborative
“Avoiding deforestation and forest degradation is a core pillar in our effort to transform the CPG industry into a force for human and environmental good, and we are committed to protecting the world’s forests through our approach to procurement of pulp, paper, packaging and fabrics,” said Danielle Jezienicki, Director of Sustainability at Grove Collaborative. “Grove is a proud member of Canopy’s Pack4Good Initiative as a trusted and independent third party to support us in achieving our responsible paper, packaging, and fiber goals.”


“Hunter has celebrated the joy of the outdoors for over 160 years and we are committed to protecting nature. We are so pleased to be partnering with Canopy to support its important work preserving the earth’s forest as we understand the importance of sourcing forest-derived materials responsibly. Our partnership with Canopy is one of several which aim to create responsible and sustainable supply chain.”


House of Baukjen
“I am excited to be working with Canopy to continue to lead and revolutionise how fashion can contribute to the preservation of the world’s forests. The CanopyStyle initiative guarantees that our man-made cellulosic fabrics do not damage any ancient forests. We source innovative fibres from sustainably managed forests with better ramifications for biodiversity and the planet.

Pack4Good is inspiring us to include more recycled content into our packaging. We have achieved 100% recycled packaging B2C which is the vast majority, and we are continuously including recycled content in our B2B packaging and working closely within The Fashion Pact, pushing the boundaries for other companies to follow suit.” — Geoff van Sonsbeeck, Co-founder & CEO of House of Baukjen


ITL Group
“The value of the world’s ancient and endangered forests cannot be underestimated and they have already felt significant pressure from global packaging and paper supply chains. This is why we are partnering with Canopy to drive intelligent solutions that provide meaningful reductions in the impact that packaging and paper products have on forests. Adopting and committing to a Pack4Good policy with Canopy is an important step as we look to use the power of collaboration to drive positive change.” — Jimmy Christopher, ITL group.


MET Fine Printers
“MET Fine Printers supports the Pack4good initiative because we believe in sustainable, renewable packaging, for our environment, for our future generations, and for the success of our business and team.” — Nikos Kallas, CEO, Metropolitan Fine Printers Inc.


Nobody’s Child
“I am thrilled to announce that Nobody’s Child have partnered with Canopy on their Pack4Good initiative. This is an incredibly important step in our progress towards becoming a truly responsible retailer. We are joining this campaign to show our commitment to doing our absolute best in protecting ancient and endangered forests through conscious fabric, packaging, and paper choices. As ever, we remain open and honest about every stage of our journey. We’re excited to explore this vital route of improving our material and packaging selection throughout our supply chain and we will continue to follow new paths to progress in our sustainability.” — Jody Plows, CEO


“Paskho was founded with sustainability as a core operating principle, and remains there today. With Paskho Community-Made, we have broadened our intention to focus on social impact. Through this, we will address the inequality in our country and reemploy the makers with quality jobs and a living wage.”


Piping Hot
“We have to draw a line in the sand to protect oceans, forests and climate. The value of old growth forests far outweighs the short-term servicing of our paper and packaging needs. Piping Hot is committed to protecting ancient and endangered forests and we have implemented a comprehensive forest policy for our viscose and paper sourcing. By using recycled materials and committing to FSC-certified packaging we are able to reduce our environmental impact and ensure that invaluable ecosystems remain intact.”


“Since 1961, The Printing House™ (TPH®) has believed that doing the ‘right’ thing is good for business and our process for incorporating social responsibility and sustainability into our operations and decision-making is ingrained in our culture. We recognize the critical importance of keeping Ancient and Endangered Forests intact and standing. We will continue to use our leadership position to educate our Teams and influence our Customers to choose environmentally-responsible options that includes our commitment to Pack4Good. We look forward to fulfilling our commitment by improving packaging through innovative design, reducing single use plastics, maximizing recycled and next generation fibre content. Pack4Good is the next logical step in our sustainability plans and is, simply put the right and responsible thing to do.”


XhAle Brew Co.
“Creating conscious consumers through our products and brands is crucial to not just the survival our planet, but our ability to enjoy what we love on an earth that can sustain our ongoing existence. It is our job as leaders to show people that we CAN make better choices that will positively affect both our environment and bottom line. The more of us that take the leap for a better future, the more accessible both goals become.”  — Christina Owczarek, XhAle Brew Co. – Founder