BC Government’s announcement recognizes the scale of the crisis, but details, timelines lacking

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Vancouver, BC, November 2, 2021 – Canopy’s Executive Director, Nicole Rycroft, had the following to say about British Columbia’s old growth announcement today: 

It’s good to have the BC Government listen to the science and acknowledge that there are 2.6 million hectares of old growth forest in dire, immediate need of protection, but we aren’t popping any champagne corks just yet.

The BC Government has outlined the beginning of a process with no clear end in sight. What we need right now are immediate deferrals of logging, legal protection of vital areas, and a detailed and timelined action plan for conservation of the five million hectares identified by the scientific panel. Global customers looking to source forest products today from jurisdictions that are delivering ambitious levels of conservation and spearheading the transition to lower-carbon commodities will be left wanting with this announcement.

The $12 million in ‘capacity funding’ is a positive step but falls short of what’s needed to back Indigenous Nations’ participation in solution building. If the Province is serious about solving this crisis they need to bring real resources to the table to support Nations and workers in the transition to sustainable economies that support both people and the land. 

Forests are 30% of the solution to the global climate crisis. Yesterday at COP, leaders of the world recognized the importance of protecting forests as a critical part of the solution to climate change. It’s time the BC government raised its ambition and urgency and did the same.”

Mike Hudema, Canopy
+1 778-989-6153