Award Winning Artist to Shine Light on Plight of World’s Most Vital Forests

Today, Canopy is embarking on a unique project. We’re partnering with internationally renowned camouflage artist, Filippo Ioco, to call on local and global decision-makers to protect vital forests around the world and we are using one of history’s greatest vehicles to do it — art.

Filippo is known for his groundbreaking optical illusions, in which he seamlessly paints his subject into natural landscapes, effectively camouflaging them. Together, we are in Tofino, the traditional territory of the Tla-o-qui-aht located in Clayoquot Sound, one of the places that inspired Canopy’s founding, home to old-growth Sitka spruce, Western hemlock, and giant red cedars, to create a series of four images.

The images will illustrate and explore humanity’s connection to nature and what is lost when that connection is broken. Each image will involve one model who Filippo will paint into the iconic and irreplaceable old-growth rainforests that epitomize the west coast. 

Every year, over 3.2 billion trees are logged, many from Ancient and Endangered Forests, for items like paper packaging and fashion fabrics. This project aims to remind us that forests are essential to life on Earth and to compel local and global decision-makers to take timely action to keep these vital forests standing.

Will you help us support this call and add your name to help protect these integral ecosystems?

Nature Needs Half by Canopy

To address the climate and biodiversity crises this must be the turnaround decade for our planet. With your help, we can keep these forests standing.

Filippo Ioco - Canopy - Art in the Forests, Old Growth British Columbia
Filippo Ioco - Canopy - Art in the Forests, Old Growth British Columbia

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Painter: @iocobodyart
Photographer: @alex.barendregt