ASHOKA: From Fiction to Fashion, Ashoka Fellow Nicole Rycroft Helps Businesses See Our Forests for the Trees

November 29, 2016. Originally published by Ashoka.

An Ashoka Fellow since 2003, Nicole Rycroft has been a tireless warrior for the world’s forest ecosystems. The native Australian, now based in Vancouver, Canada, leads Canopy in working with business partners to find innovative and sustainable alternatives to an otherwise destructive value chain. In partnership with the book publishing industry, Canopy proved the economic feasibility of environmentally sensitive paper that conserves forest ecosystems. The environmental NGO now helps major fashion players transition their fabrics away from rayon and viscose sourced from endangered forests.

Canopy’s partners include more than 750 corporate consumers of forest products. Nicole also works closely with Ashoka and C&A Foundation on the Fabric of Change initiative to build a more equitable and sustainable apparel industry through the innovations of social entrepreneurs. Nicole recent sat down with us to discuss the strategy behind “tipping” industry into more sustainable value chains and the daunting challenges Canopy still hopes to overcome.

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