Announcing the CanopyStyle Next Generation Vision for Viscose

CanopyStyle Leaders Throw Weight Behind Bold Targets for Next Generation Viscose

February 20, 2020. Hot on the heels of Canopy’s Next Generation Action Plan, released in Davos during the World Economic Forum, 26 CanopyStyle brands and producers are launching a Next Generation Vision for Viscose. The vision is a bold path that supports the investment in, creation, trial, and purchasing of rayon and viscose products made from low- impact alternative fibres. Moving to circular alternatives such as waste textiles, microbial cellulose, or agricultural residues will help the fashion sector meet their climate and sustainability goals, while ending sourcing from Ancient and Endangered Forests.

“Clothing made from Next Generation fabrics is not science fiction, it is already in stores and is an essential part of the fashion industry’s work to address our planet’s climate and biodiversity crises,” said Nicole Rycroft, Canopy’s Founder and Executive Director. “These brands and producers are showing real leadership. We know more will join this path in the coming months.”

Supporters* of the Vision currently include EILEEN FISHER, ESPRIT, H&M, Inditex/Zara, Lindex, Marks & Spencer, Mara Hoffman, New Look, NEXT, Reformation, and Stella McCartney. The list also includes Tangshan Sanyou, the world’s fourth largest viscose producer that is now selling initial runs of viscose from 50% post-consumer cotton.

Of the world’s five largest viscose producers, three already offer initial product lines with 20 to 50% recycled cotton. There is an estimated 26 million tonnes of waste cotton and viscose textile landfilled each year, a small portion of which could be tapped to produce the entire 6.5 million tonnes of viscose currently generated annually.

The Next Generation Vision for Viscose includes support for:

  • All new viscose production capacity and/or mill expansions located in proximity to, and tailored for, the processing of Next Gen feedstocks.
  • Twenty percent of all viscose production will be using Next Generation feedstock content — with a priority of replacing any remaining sourcing from Ancient and Endangered Forests, by the end of 2021.
  • Production of enough innovative Next Generation fibre to replace at least 90% of viscose production volumes currently coming from Ancient and Endangered Forests, by 2025.
  • In 2030, 50% of all viscose made from Next Generation feedstocks.

This vision will support meeting global 2030 climate and biodiversity targets and would require just 17 new Next Gen mills and USD 3.4 billion in investment over the next decade – less than 1% of global fashion sales annually.

Industry leaders are sending a clear message that they have no tolerance for viscose containing Ancient and Endangered Forests and are ready for new innovative viscose fibre sources.

* The 26 brands and producers currently supporting the Next Generation Vision for Viscose include multiple brands of larger parent companies such as H&M and Inditex.



Further information on the CanopyStyle Next Generation Vision for Viscose, please contact:
Laura Repas, Canopy
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