Ancient Forest Friendly Awards Open

Coveted Ancient Forest Friendly™ Awards Now Open for Entry

July 9, 2014, Vancouver: Today Canopy is pleased to announce the 2014 Ancient Forest Friendly™ Awards are open for entry. Using our concise and simple on-line survey, a few minutes of your time puts your brand in the running for recognition in meeting the gold standard for forest protection and responsible paper purchasing.

“The 2014 Ancient Forest Friendly™ Awards are a company’s chance to show customers and competitors that when it comes to sustainability, they don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk – better than anyone,” said Neva Murtha, Canopy’s Corporate Campaigner. “The AFF Awards provide a true measure of the great work and meaningful action companies are undertaking to improve paper purchasing and support forest conservation.”

The 2014 Ancient Forest Friendly™ Awards categories include Ancient Forest Friendly™ – Gold, Best In Class, Conservation Supporter, Most Improved and potentially a surprise or two.

Benefits of completing the 2014 Ancient Forest Friendly™ Award survey:

  • 3rd Party Validation + Marketing Muscle – Canopy works with all Ancient Forest Friendly™ Award winners to promote their achievements with media, potential advertisers, and industry influencers. Online promotion includes Canopy’s website, social media channels and our e-newsletter read by key industry decision-makers.
  • Demonstrate Your Leadership – An Ancient Forest Friendly™ Awards shows the marketplace what you’re doing to ensure your company’s success in these uncertain times. By raising the bar you compound your environmental efforts by challenging peers to compete by pulling up their own socks and by promoting a clear path forward for paper purchasing and forest conservation in the industry.
  • Build Brand Support – An Ancient Forest Friendly™ Award sends the message internally and externally that you mean business on sustainability. Environmental performance can set you apart from the competition, strengthen your consumer base, and engage employees and build morale around value-based commitments.
  • Track Progress – All Ancient Forest Friendly™ Award entrants are entitled to a confidential Canopy report card to identify the strengths and weakness of environmental performance and navigate the path forward. Sustainability is about continuous improvement, and Canopy is committed to ongoing feedback to help you achieve the best possible result for your company.
  • Gain Cutting Edge Eco Paper & Forest Conservation Intelligence – Information is power, and in our fast changing world, being ahead of the game pays. Canopy can help Ancient Forest Friendly™ Award entrants navigate your way through issues and risks throughout the supply chain.

Click here to complete the 2014 Ancient Forest Friendly™ Awards survey.