Acegreen CanopyStyle Audit

Acegreen’s CanopyStyle Audit, which covers its lyocell filament production, was completed in May 2021. It confirmed that Acegreen, which partnered with CanopyStyle in 2020, showed significant progress in developing and implementing their fibre sourcing policies over the past year. Though some potential risk in Acegreen’s supply chain was identified, the audit found no confirmed known risk of sourcing from Ancient and Endangered Forests or other controversial sources. The audit confirmed Acegreen’s progress in developing and testing recycled cotton Next Generation feedstocks in the lyocell filament it produces.


Other key findings include:

– The company has trained managers and other relevant employees in its fibre sourcing policy and shared the policy and a requirement to conform with the policy with its suppliers;
– 公司为经理人和相关员工提供培训,介绍纤维采购政策;向供应商分享此政策,并提出合规要求;

-The company has invested in Next Generation alternative fibres, and is entering a commercial launch phase;
– 公司投入研发下一代替代性纤维,正进入商业投产阶段;

– The company has started to use risk due diligence tools such as ForestMapper and FSC certification in assessing its suppliers. 
– 公司使用尽调工具评估供应商风险,如ForestMapper地图和FSC认证。

Canopy recommends that Acegreen:

– Establish and implement a plan to address or eliminate potential at-risk suppliers including improving pulp supplier due diligence and monitoring systems and taking action to mitigate risk.
– 制定并实施行动计划,旨在解除或淘汰潜在的风险供应商,包括改善浆粕供应商尽调与监控程序,采取实际行动消除风险。

– Adopt a plan and targets for the use of Next Generation alternative fibres in a commercially competitive way, and develop and implement an internal action plan to achieve 50% by 2030.
– 制定下一代替代性纤维的规划与目标,且所定目标具有一定的商业竞争力;在公司内部开发并实施一项行动方案,旨在2030年前实现50%的下一代纤维比例。

The audit can be found here:

For more information contact:

Laura Repas, Canopy
+1 416-729-7484

About Acegreen
Acegreen is a fibre products developer including lyocell filament, PP Melt Blown and medical-use masks. 聚泰环保是一家纤维产品开发商,产品包含莱赛尔纤维、熔喷布、医用口罩等。

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