How We Work - Canopy

One of Many, for a Better Planet.

Canopy works to protect Ancient and Endangered Forests all over the world. We work collaboratively with corporate partners, in the fashion, packaging, and publishing sectors, to improve supply chains by eliminating sourcing from irreplaceable forests and forging alternative sourcing solutions to conserve them.

This dedicated scope of Canopy’s work is integral to protecting the world’s rich biodiversity, acting on the climate crisis, advancing recognition of rights and title for traditional communities, and protecting us from future pandemics. While this mission is bold, we recognize that there are other issues of concern and interest that are beyond what Canopy’s work and resources are able to address. As our corporate partners work to save the world’s most critical forests, we encourage all of them to take additional actions to address vital issues beyond the scope of our collaboration ranging from energy use, to health and safety, working conditions, labour practices, equity and discrimination, among others.

In addressing these risks we encourage our partners to:

  1. Work with relevant third-party auditors.
  2. Contract independent methods of inquiry and assessment.
  3. Work with credible NGO partners in the field of concern.
  4. Insert contract conditions for suppliers to provide assurances.
  5. If unable to credibly assess, consider suspension of contracts until the issue is addressed.