Donations Policy

Canopy believes it can best fulfill its mission through a broad base of support from various sources.  However, to maintain its independence and objectivity, it seeks to identify any areas where there may be a real or apparent conflicts of interest or where Canopy’s campaigns could be compromised.  Canopy will determine the appropriateness of accepting a donation / gift in kind on a case-by-case basis and will use Canopy’s Terms of Reference to guide the decision process.

The decision whether to accept a donation / gift in kind will be determined by the Executive Director and Development Director.  They will seek out consultation from the Campaign team when appropriate. 

Canopy will accept financial donations from companies we work with on a campaign level if they have an Ancient Forest Friendly policy and have fully implemented their policy.  Canopy will determine how these funds will be used and can be applied for any expense item in the organization’s budget.

Canopy will ensure financial donations from corporations does not exceed 25% of its’ total revenue.  Canopy will continually strive to reduce this 25% by increasing individual giving and potential earned revenue strategies.

Canopy will only accept financial donations from companies with social –value based missions and/or visions and whose actions strongly reflect environmental and social responsibility.

On occasion, Canopy will accept money from companies the organization is collaborating with even if they have not fully implemented their policy. Financial donations in this case will not be applied to salaries and Canopy’s operational costs.  Funds will be strictly used for third party expenses to forward our collaborative work together.  These expenses may include translation and interpreting fees, venue expenses and other hard costs for running a meeting, specific research, etc.

Canopy will accept financial donations from companies that can agree with our terms of reference in accepting financial support.

Canopy will only accept donations from institutions that are actively and explicitly implementing social and environmental policies and where actions reflect Canopy’s environmental and social mission.

Canopy will not accept corporate donations from companies engaged in the follow activities:

  • Logging
  • Fossil Fuel Extraction
  • Military or arms manufacturers
  • Any company explicitly involved in egregious human rights and /or environmental violations

Canopy’s Terms of Reference re Acceptance of Donations:

When considering whether to solicit or accept gifts, Canopy will consider the following factors:

  • Values – whether the donor or company, in good faith, is advancing Canopy’s vision
  • Compatibility of Intent – whether there is compatibility between the intent of the donor /company and Canopy’s use of the donation / gift in kind
  • Mutual Benefit – whether there is mutual benefit to Canopy and the donor / company
  • Impact – whether the donation / gift in kind could negatively impact the credibility of Canopy or jeopardize our ability to maximize our market leverage in transforming the sectors we work with.
  • Consistency – whether acceptance of the donation / gift in kind is consistent with prior practices.
  • Form of Gift – whether the donation / gift in kind is offered in an appropriate form that Canopy can use without incurring substantial expense or difficulty.