A Message from Nicole Rycroft, Canopy’s Founder and Executive Director

Canopy’s annual strategic-planning sessions are a time for us to dream, scheme, and solidify new audacious goals in our work to stabilize the global climate and protect and preserve the world’s Ancient and Endangered Forests. Canopy Founder and Executive Director Nicole Rycroft shared some highlights from those sessions and our work so far in 2022 in a recent short video:

So far this year, 40 brands have joined our CanopyStyle and Pack4Good campaigns with formal commitments to stop sourcing from Ancient and Endangered Forests, and we’ve been meeting with U.S. and European companies in the beauty and personal-care sector to revolutionize their packaging with low-carbon, Next Generation alternatives. Regional hubs will allow us to produce sustainable packaging at scale–and sooner.

Nicole also visited Renewcell’s first Next Generation pulp mill, in development in Sweden. This textile-to-textile pulp mill turns fabric waste into new viscose for next season’s fashions, disrupting the pathway of waste to landfills. The mill, which Canopy had a role in establishing, is set to open this September. We’re able to influence urgently needed change across the globe thanks to your generous support. You can help us continue to make a difference and build a future in harmony with our natural world. Please consider renewing your commitment with us today. We can’t do this work without you.