Canopy Tools & Resources

Canopy has developed numerous tools intended for partnering companies and aiming to support them in the implementation of their sustainable procurement policy.



A mapping tool that incorporates geospatial data from scientific experts to assist companies transitioning to more sustainable fibre supply chains and to help identify areas of potential sourcing risk.

Viscose Supply Chain Tools

  • Hot Button Issue Updated Ranking 2017

    The Hot Button Issue is a ranking of the world’s top rayon-viscose producers on their progress on eliminating endangered forests from their supply.

  • Hot Button Issue Report 2016
  • CanopyStyle Audits

    The CanopyStyle Audits of man-made cellulosic fibers are based on a robust set of criteria designed to establish a credible, third party verification process to be undertaken by viscose producers. The audits are to be used by apparel brands, retailers, and designers as one of the reference points as they implement their CanopyStyle sourcing policies

Paper Supply Chain Tools

  • Blueline Ranking

    A customer tool profiling and ranking the sustainability performance of North America’s largest printers.

  • EcoPaper Database

    Canopy’s regularly updated list of leading ecopapers available in North America

  • Environmental Paper Procurement Policy

    Read Canopy’s recommendations for a credible and leading environmental paper procurement policy.

  • The Paper Steps

    A hierarchy to help paper consumers make more environmentally responsible choices

  • The Paper Calculator

    A tool from the Environmental Paper Network to calculate the benefits of ecopaper over conventional paper with fibre from virgin forests

  • Recycled Paper FactSheet

    Facts about recycled content in all paper grades, including printing & writing paper, newsprint, packaging and more

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