About Canopy

About Canopy

Canopy is an award winning environmental not-for-profit organization, known around the world for our cutting edge campaigns and successes.    »Read More

Our Goals & Campaigns

Protecting Forests: It’s why we get up in the morning.

Forests are habitat. That means home; home to millions of species—from Grizzly bears to lichen—home to vital carbon sinks and massive fresh water reserves. And too often home to practices that threaten to destroy them.

Straw Paper: Another Canopy Solution

Today most of the paper we use still comes straight from ancient forests, and we don’t like that. So, Canopy is working hard to kick-start the North American straw pulp and paper industry to meet our paper needs while protecting ancient forests.

Black and white and green all over:
What’s an environmental newspaper look like?

More than 100 million North Americans still start the day with the morning paper. Too bad most newspapers come from fragile forest ecosystems. That’s why Canopy is working to help industry leaders find a new way forward.

Breakthrough Global Conservation Agreements: Keeping the world’s remaining ancient forests standing

Translating the purchasing influence of large corporate consumers into tangible large-scale forest conservation is our job. Negotiating and tracking change on the ground is just one way that we ensure the sustainability interests of customers keep forests standing tall.

Climate and Forests: A vital connection

Forests are the most important carbon sinks on earth. Cutting trees down releases the carbon they store AND prevents them from storing any more. Protected forests = a stabler climate.

Canopy Style

Latest Style Trend: Fashion Loved By Forests

Canopystyle is our fresh and fashionable campaign. Working with clothing brands and designers our goal is to eliminate ancient and endangered forests from clothing. Follow the thread...

Did You Know?

One Year of Fashion Loved by Forests

Two years ago, the issue of ancient forests disappearing into fabric wasn’t really on anyone’s radar. One year ago, after significant research into the issue, Canopy publicly launched the Fashion Loved by Forest initiative.

The need for urgent change is compelling and abundantly clear. Man-made cellulosic fabrics, like rayon, viscose, lyocell and other trade-marked fabrics are a direct product of trees cut down exclusively to feed dissolving pulp mills.

Forest ecosystems logged for fabric include the northern Boreal Forests of Canada and Russia, Coastal Temperate Rainforests of western North America, and the Tropical Rainforests of Indonesia, South East Asia and Brazil.

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