The scientists below have added their names in support of ForestMapper.

“We recognize the scientific importance of ForestMapper as the first mapping tool to identify ancient and endangered forests globally.

Ancient and Endangered forests are critical to sustaining biodiversity, ensuring species survival, maintaining community livelihoods and culture and helping to stabilize the global climate.”

  • Dominick A. DellaSala, Ph.D, President, Chief Scientist, Geos Institute, USA
  • Professor Tim Flannery, Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, Melbourne University, Australia.
  • Dr. Jim Hansen, Director, Program on Climate Science, Awareness and Solutions, Columbia University, USA
  • Dr. Pushker Kharecha, Deputy Director, Program on Climate Science, Awareness and Solutions, Columbia University, USA
  • Dr. Diana Beresford-Kroeger, Botanist, Canada
  • Professor William Laurence, PhD, FAA, FAAAS, FRSQ, Distinguished Research Professor, Director of the Centre for Tropical Environmental and Sustainability Science, James Cook University, Australia
  • Peter Lee, Former Executive Director, Global Forest Watch Canada
  • Professor Brendan Mackey, PhD, Director, Griffith Climate Change Response Program, Griffith University, Australia, IPCC AR6 Coordinating Lead Author for Chapter 11
  • Dr. Ian Singleton, Conservation Director, Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program, Indonesia
  • Simon N. Stuart, PhD, Director of Strategic Conservation, Synchronicity Earth, UK
  • Dr. Jim Strittholt, Director, Conservation Biology Institute, USA
  • Nancy J. Turner, CM, OBC, PhD, FRSC, FLS, Professor Emeritus, School of Environmental Studies, University of Victoria, Canada