Statement and Signatories – Protect BC Old Growth Forests


British Columbia used to be the land of giants with trees up and down the coast towering 250 feet tall. 
Today, only a fraction of these vital, old growth forests remain. They are our shield against the climate crisis yet are being logged across the province.
For thousands of years, these forests have protected us. Now, we need to protect them. 
Premier Horgan, protect the irreplaceable.


Indigenous Leaders and Protectors
Chief Rande Cook • Ellen Gabriel • Hasheukumiss Richard George
Khelsilem Tl’aḵwasiḵ̓an Sxwchálten • Melina Laboucan-Massimo • Kanahus Manuel
Joe Martin • Isaac Murdoch Grand • Chief Stewart Phillip • Clayton Thomas-Muller • Roy Henry Vickers• Kukpi7 Judy Wilson

Scientists, Academics, and Foresters
Anthony Britneff, Retired RPF • Dr. Maxwell Cameron • Dr. Carlos Carroll• Dr. Kai Chan• Dr. Imogen R. Coe• Professor Wade Davis •
Dr. Dominick A. DellaSala• Dr. Eric Dinerstein• Dr. Jacquelyn Gill • Herb Hammond RPF• Dr. James E. Hansen • Professor Thomas Homer-Dixon• Professor Mark Jacobson • Am Johal • Dr. Peter Kalmus• Dr. Andy MacKinnon • Dr. Michael E. Mann • Dr. Reed Noss • Dr. David Olson• Dr. Stuart Pimm• Dr. Geetha Plackal• Dr. Elizabeth Riddell-Dixon • Dr. Suzanne Simard • Dr. Jim Strittholt• Dr. David Suzuki • Dr. Gary Tabor• Dr. Carly Vynne•James Wong, Botanist • Eric Young

Authors and Broadcasters
Angie Abdou • Mikko Alanne • Margaret Atwood • Lucky Budd • Suzanne Buffam • Amanda Burrell
Dr. Sweta Chakraborty • Mark Cullen • John Dee• Emma Donoghue • Gillian Jerome • Naomi Klein • Joy Kogawa• Avi Lewis
John MacFarlane • Steve MacLaughlin Yann Martel • Bill McKibben • Linda McQuaig • Lisa Moore • Michael Scott Moore
Michael Ondaatje • Melissa Jo Peltier • Valerie Pringle • Andrew Pyper • Bob Ramsay • Michael Redhill
Harley Rustad • John Ralston Saul • Holly Smale • Madeleine Thien • Matthew Todd • Laura Trunkey • John Vaillant
David Wallace-Wells

Political Figures
The Honourable David Anderson • Shaye Anderson, former NDP Minister of Municipal Affairs of Alberta
Councilor Christine Boyle • Gerald Butts, Principal Secretary • Donna Cansfield, Former Ontario MPP
John Cashore, Previous B.C. Minister of the Environment • Olivia Chow, Former MP
The Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson • Libby Davies, Former MP • Peter Garrett, Former Minister for the Environment of Australia
Sharon Johnston, Honorary Captain of the Royal Canadian Navy • Joe Keithley, Burnaby City Councillor
Stephen Lewis, Former Leader of the Ontario NDP • Senator Tony Loffreda
The Honourable Roy MacLaren • Catherine McKenna, Former Environment Minister • The Right Honourable Brian Mulroney
Glen Murray, Former Ontario Environment Minister • David Peterson, Former Premier of Ontario
Gregor Robertson, Former Mayor of Vancouver, BC • Svend Robinson, Former MP • Senator Nancy Ruth Lois Wilson, Former Senator, Former President of the Canadian Council of Churches

Bryan Adams • Tyler Bancroft • Dave Bidini • Claire Boucher (Grimes)• Bruce Cockburn
• Charlotte Cornfield • D.O.A. • Zach Gray (Zolas) • Sarah Harmer • Norman Hassan (UB40) • Ricky Kej
Elle L • Dan Mangan • Dashni Morad • Megan Nash• Brighid Fry & Pascale Padilla (Moscow Apartment) • Amanda Palmer
Shawn Patterson • Ryan Peake (Nickelback) • Joel Plaskett • Marky Ramone • Tegan and Sara • Chino Sing • STARS
The Weather Station • Neil Young

Actors and Artists
Rosanna Arquette • Robert Bateman• Edward Burtynsky • Rosario Dawson• Charlie Demers• Dame Judi Dench• Tantoo Cardinal
Shawn Doyle • Morgan Fairchild • Jane Fonda • Josh Fox • Alessandro Gassmann • Tim Guinee • Daryl Hannah
Bec Hill • Adrian Hough • Peter Keleghan • Bonnie Sherr Klein • Sharon Lawrence • Julien Christian Lutz • Juliet Pearson
Piper Perabo • Joaquin Phoenix • Helena-Alexis Seymour • William Shatner • Mira Sorvino • Eric Stoltz
Dame Emma Thompson • Juana Vale • Michael Nicoll Yahgulaanas

Business and Civic Leaders
Bob and Francine Barrett and Family, Polytainers • Tom Boddez, Partner at Active Impact Investments
Brianna Brown, Co-Founder of Decade Impact Martha and George Butterfield, Co-Founders of Butterfield & Robinson 
Abdullah Choudhry, co-founder and CBDO of Arbor • Leslie Dema, President at Broadview Press
Louise Dennys, Executive Vice President of Penguin Random House • Michael de Pencier, Co-Founder of InvestEco
Shannon Emmerson, President at Forge & Spark Media • Avi Flombaum, CPO of Revature
Michael Green, CEO of Michael Green Architecture Inc. • Karri Green-Schuermans, Co-Owner of Chambar Restaurant
Andrew Heintzman, Managing Partner of InvestEco • Kyle Housman, CEO of Native Shoes • Keith Ippel, CEO and Co-founder of Spring Activator• Anne Lambert, Founding Director of International Conservation Fund of Canada • Ben Lamm, CEO of Hypergiant
Bernard Lebelle, CEO of The Green Link • Judy Matthews, The Bentway • Mickey McLeod, CEO of Salt Spring Coffee
Kristy O’Leary, Co-Founder of Decade Impact • Heather Reisman, CEO of Indigo Books 
Diego Saez Gil, Co-Founder CEO of Pachama Inc. • Peggy Shaughnessy, Founder of WhitePath Consulting
Joe Uehlein, Founding President of the Labor Network for Sustainability • Mike Winterfield, Founder of Active Impact
Investments • Mark Wolverton. Co-Founder of Lush Cosmetics • Rus Yusupov, Founder/Creator of Vine and HQ Trivia
Al Zikovitz, CEO of Cottage Life

Athletes and Olympians
Tamo Campos, Professional Snowboarder • Justin Lamoureux, Olympic Snowboarder • Georges Laraque, Former NHL Hockey Player• Giles Bruce Long MBE, Paralympic Swimmer • Kirsten Moore-Towers, Olympic Figure Skater • Leilani Münter, Racecar Driver
Spencer O’Brien, Pro Snowboarder • Cathal Pendred, Former MMA Fighter • Pamela Leila Rai, Olympic Swimmer 
Marie-France Roy, Professional Snowboarder • Jesse Winchester, NHL Hockey Player

Social Justice and Environmental Advocates
Dr. Amit Arya • Maude Barlow • Duff Conacher • Jodie Emery • Dr. Jane Goodall • Tim Gray • Vicky Husband • Joanna Kerr
Dr. Harvey Locke • Denny Manchee • Cristina “Mitty” Mittermeier • George Monbiot • Steven Price • Disha Annappa Ravi
Judy Rebick • David Rothschild • Jean Swanson • Hugo Tagholm • Greta Thunberg • Rex Weyler • Rita Wong • Levison Wood