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Market Survey

Through our detailed survey of just 180 pulp and paper buyers, Canopy identified 1.4 million tons of unmet demand for straw-based paper in North America alone. And we’ve just scratched the surface. This is enough customer demand to keep up to 10 mid-sized straw-based pulp/paper mills running full time [1] and generate up to US$1.04 billion per year in gross wholesale revenues?[2]

Canopy’s work in this field has led to over 350 company policies committing to source paper with agricultural residue as soon as it is produced in North America at a viable price.

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Canopy’s Second Harvest Pulp and Paper Market Survey builds market interest in research and development to explore the use of agricultural residues for textile. Through the information gathered in the survey, we can learn more about companies’ interests in exploring, trialing, and using these innovative solutions.

As such, we encourage you to complete this survey on behalf of your company. Information collected in this survey will be kept confidential and only used in aggregate numbers in the public realm, unless the participating companies approve otherwise.

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  1. Canopy projections based on a mill with 50,000 tons annual output
  2. Based on US$800/tonne (averaged global NBSK price 2014)

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