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Pack4Good Intro Image
Pack4Good Intro Image

Roughly three billion trees are cut down each year just to be turned into paper packaging. Much of this comes from Ancient and Endangered Forests that are thousands of years old.These forests are an essential part of the natural world—sustaining the world’s biodiversity, storing carbon, balancing the climate, and contributing to our health and survival.

Pack4Good, Canopy’s campaign, works to ensure that packaging is free of Ancient and Endangered Forests. Pledge to keep the forests of the world standing and Pack4Good.

Once you sign the pledge, we will keep you updated on Canopy’s work and ways you can stand with Ancient and Endangered Forests and protect them for generations to come.

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About Pack4Good

We don’t have to turn ancient forests into pizza boxes or shipping boxes.

Canopy’s Pack4Good campaign works with fashion brands, personal care brands, printers, and telecommunication companies as well as Next Generation Solutions providers to help make sustainable packaging decisions. Together, we can save the world’s Ancient and Endangered Forests.

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