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Muryani Kasdani

Digital Specialist

Muryani is passionate about using design to create resilient communities and a thriving planet. Over the past seven years, Muryani has worked with governmental agencies, social service organization and ENGOs to design services, systems and solutions that meet people’s needs and create positive social and environmental impact. Muryani’s work with Canopy is focused on using digital technology, compelling storytelling and design to support Canopy’s campaign work.

More about me

I was born a social and environmental activist. School bullies nicknamed me the superhero girl for standing up to them and I led my classmates in a fundraising event before I even knew what fundraising means. I co-founded several social impact ventures, led teams to use design for good, even won design awards (woot woot!). I have degrees in Visual Communication and Interaction Design from Pelita Harapan University (Indonesia) and Delft University (the Netherlands) and have lived in many different places. In my spare time, I teach plastic waste workshops, lead movements to ditch single-use products and organize community groups to buy less and share more.

Why are forests important to me

I’ve always loved spending time in forests. Forests give me new energy and a sense of connection that helps me go through many challenges. Forests are our planet’s lungs, the homes of many animals and our defence against the climate crisis.

Why Canopy

I’ve always been active in advocating for environmental protection – showing up at rallies, signing petitions and standing up with First Nations to defend their lands against destructive development. Working with Canopy gives me the opportunity to amplify my work in protecting our planet. Also… Canopals are the most talented, kindest and fun human beings to work with!

Ask me about

How to make Indonesian instant noodle healthy, how to live with less waste and how to use design for good!

What ruffles my feathers

People who are driven by their ego rather than by their compassion, kindness and creativity.


muryani at canopyplanet dot org