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Mélissa Filion

Senior Corporate Campaigner

Mélissa has worked in the North American and international NGO movement on sustainable agriculture and forestry campaigns for the past 15 years. At Canopy, Mélissa leads our efforts to protect the Broadback Forest and works on our clothing campaign with a focus on viscose producers.



More about me

I hold a degree in Environmental Sciences from McGill University and have developed a strong interest for social entrepreneurship. My motivation to protect the natural environmental is grounded in years of meaningful experiences in the natural environment, through activities such as camping, hiking, or gardening. I highly value Canopy’s creative energy, as well as it’s collaborative minded and solutions focused approach.  What’s always is the back of my mind: results, results, and more results!

Why are forests important to me?

I care about trees and forests because they ground me. When I walk in forests, I am grateful for the trees power to energize me, to slow me down, to make me see magnificent shades of green, and to connect me with the beauty and abundance of life.

Why Canopy?

I love Canopy because of its creative, smart and savvy approach to creating environmental change. With Canopy, the focus is on building strong and strategic alliance to drive positive outcomes. With Canopy, empowerment and integrity are not concepts; they are part of every day’s action.

Ask me about

Where is the Broadback Forest?  Why do you speak Spanish everyday? How to maintain a healthy balance between your passionate work and nurturing a lovely family?

What ruffles my feathers?

The patience and time required for legislating on the ground forest conservation!

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