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Marie Labitté

Senior Development Officer

Marie spent the last four years advising entrepreneurs on how to start, sustain and grow their businesses. At Canopy, Marie works with the team on diversifying, increasing and deepening our funding support.



More about me 

I hold a Master’s degree in Law from Paris Jean Monnet and have a Master’s degree in Finance from Paris Descartes. I have worked in the business world, from small and medium enterprise development to venture capital and private equity, but found my true calling in the environmental protection sector. Financial sustainability for Canopy is my focus and I work to build funding and donor partnerships for our forests.

Why are forests important to me? 

In the forest I feel grounded and whole. The forest treats everyone the same way; it accepts everyone. My mission is for people to have the same regard for our forests, so moving to beautiful B.C. was an obvious choice.

Why Canopy?

The first time I met the team my heart whispered “they’re the one.” Canopy’s approach is smart, solutions-based and fun. And we don’t point fingers, instead we invite everyone who wants to change the world to work with us.

Ask me about 

How to raise money for a good cause, and how to prepare your next road trip.

What ruffles my feathers?

People who don’t care enough to realize they are a part of something bigger, and that every single action they take has consequences.

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