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Loki Wallace

Executive Assistant

Loki graduated in social sciences and is a polyglot with a passion for social and environmental justice.


More about me

I graduated from the University of Ottawa with a Bachelor of Social Sciences with a double major in Criminology and Women’s Studies, earned a Certificate in TESL from Carleton University, and have a Diploma of Culinary Arts. I’m a bit of a polyglot with a passion for social and environmental justice…and organizing. I prefer to work behind the scenes to ensure that everything is running smoothly; cat-herding, coordinating, networking, and playing Tetris with schedules is my jam! I enjoy being part of a team, and I see that as a political action, whether living collectively, organizing community-building events, or building food gardens in public spaces to share with others.


Why are Forests Important to me

Forests are literally the lungs of our planet, and when I am in the forest, I feel like my whole being is connected to the greater whole. Forests show me the interconnectedness of all beings, from the micro to the macro, and remind me that if we lose our forests, we lose the whole planet.


Why Canopy

As Emma Goldman said, “If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution”. This resonates with me, it’s so much easier to do the hard work and change the world when you’re having fun doing it! The destruction of the lungs of our planet is incredibly serious, and Canopy develops real, impactful solutions driven by creativity, thoughtfulness and playfulness.


Ask me about

Urban guerilla gardening, collective housing, gift economy as a function of everyday life and community building.


What ruffles my feathers

Food security and the lack thereof