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Kate Thomas

Financing Change Manager

Kate is a Financing Change Manager at Canopy, where she works to strengthen philanthropic partnerships and diversify the organization’s fundraising stream. She has over 15 years of diverse non-profit experience in program management, fundraising, events planning, communications and marketing, and environmental advocacy. Kate is based out of Los Angeles, California.


More About Me


My lifelong passion for wildlife led to me to pursue an undergraduate degree in Anthropology with a focus on primate studies from Texas Tech University. While in school, my passion of wildlife turned into a passion for conservation when I learned more about the perils that not only primates, but our entire planet was facing. I went on to receive a master’s degree in Environmental Policy Analysis, also from Texas Tech University. Upon moving to Los Angeles, I started my career at the RAND Corporation and went on to work at the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability at UCLA.


Most recently, I oversaw the global Wildlife and Landscape Conservation program at the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, developing and supporting efforts to protect, connect and restore 50% of the world’s wildlands by 2050. I managed a grantmaking portfolio of 35 projects and six collaborative philanthropic funds that supported programs to preserve key intact forests and other landscapes; targeted areas for restoration and re-wilding; supported connectivity through the creation of wildlife corridors; and safeguarded species that are most threatened by habitat loss, wildlife crime and other drivers. It is through my role at LDF that I had the good fortune to work alongside Canopy and am now thrilled to officially be part of the team.


Why Canopy


I am deeply passionate about forest conservation and value the collaborative, relationship-based approach that underpins Canopy’s Model of Change.


Why are Forests Important to Me?


As a lover of wildlife, a good majority of the most incredible, life-changing experiences I’ve had have been in forests. Every time I step into a forest, I experience a deep sense of gratitude and connectedness to our planet. I feel a great responsibility to ensure that these critical ecosystems are left standing for all who depend on them – both wildlife and people alike.


Ask Me About


The numerous ways you can join us in protecting Ancient and Endangered Forests! Also, primates, wilderness adventures, my Texas roots, and my French Bulldog, Ibby!


What ruffles my feathers?


Wildlife trafficking!