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Jenn Liang

Financial Analyst

Jenn’s scholastic career is widespread (Forestry, Art History, and Film to name a few). Her career-related life/skills haven’t had many chances to align with her values, and she is glad to say joining Canopy happily connects the two. Jenn comes with 10 years of bookkeeping and financial management experience in the corporate sector.  For Jenn, advocating for what she believes in has been an inevitable journey of passion and heart. It used to just mean engaging people in uncomfortably heated conversations, donating to responsible organizations, and helping those in need. Counting, divvying, and allocating the nuts, beans, and seeds is her way of contributing to the beautiful force of good that is Canopy Planet. Being awarded this opportunity has renewed her energy for an occupation that is now so fulfilling.

More about me

To me, the three most important things that require protection are the environment, animals, and marginalized peoples. It’s also quite a mouthful, to tote these things at the top of some “list”, and I believe I must follow through with what I say, re-assess how I am doing so, and address mistakes I make along the way. To balance out all that seriousness, my favourite thing in the world is to laugh. It may not sound like it, but I refuse to take myself too seriously unless the moment calls for it. Over the past few years I have had to learn how to let bad things roll off me, and to find a middle ground when it’s hard to.

Why are forests important to me

I feel it goes without saying that we owe everything to nature – the land and water, their furry and not-so-furry inhabitants, the people who live and have lived off it, and all the natural lifecycle includes. What I love about forests specifically is they entice calmness, peaceful solitude, fresh air, and childlike wonder in me. This also brings me to my greatest joy – animals. At a very young age I decided that animals were the most amazing and important creatures on Earth, and it breaks my heart to see their homes destroyed. Forests are important because it demonstrates diversity’s necessity without the pomp of human words.

Why Canopy

Canopy is the kind of organization people told me couldn’t exist. Canopy, and everyone a part of Canopy, cares about the preservation of our natural planet and all that it inherently includes. On top of that, Canopy understands that a collective is nothing without the people that make it up. It is a dream to work somewhere that has knowing how to have fun and laugh as a job requirement!

Ask me about

Ask me about my cat, Yuna, and tell me how cute she is. Let me play you some music, and see if you can get me to show you some crafts I’ve made. Lastly, and possibly a topic I could go on about forever, is mental health. I believe understanding how it affects us all helps maintain an open and understanding mind, as well as strengthens the ability for compassion.

What ruffles my feathers

In the broadest of categories: selfishness, close-mindedness, superiority complexes, impatience, and unnecessary rudeness. These human features show up in so many topics that are near and dear to my heart. What further ruffles my feathers is that these conversations even need to happen.